Sunday tasks accomplished

I wanted to get the table topper quilted today.


It is now finished and ready to be rolled up and tied with a ribbon so I can gift it.

The Mexican Wedding Cake cookies have been baked and the last baking stone full is cooling before getting dumped in the powdered sugar (powdered sugar seems to have exploded all over my kitchen – I can be a very messy baker).  And these cookies are maybe the best ones yet – they looked a bit odd as I was baking them like they were rising just a tiny bit which they shouldn’t – so I was afraid they would not dry out properly.  But, bite into them and they totally dissolve and melt in your mouth.  I definitely need to take these in to work or I’d be eating all of them myself.

Suppose I should see if there’s any laundry to be done but I think it may be time to knit for a while and find a good movie to watch.



3 comments on “Sunday tasks accomplished

  1. I was just eating store bought Mexican Wedding cookies and thinking how hard it is to eat one without leaving traces of them all down the front of my shirt. I’ll have to look for a recipe for Mexican Wedding Cake cookies – they sound wonderful.

    Love your table topper!

    • This recipe looks the same as the one I use (except I don’t use a whole bag of powdered sugar to coat them with after they are done!). The only thing I change for this recipe is I bake them at 325 for probably half an hour and I highly recommend baking on a baking stone – it gives them the dry melt in your mouth texture without burning the bottoms like regular cookie sheets did to me. But then I also save time and don’t roll them in balls – I use a cookie scoop so my cookies are bigger (hence the longer cooking time) and look more like igloos. 🙂 But yes – do not wear black when trying to eat one – there’s no way to do it neatly. I do wait until they are cool to coat with powdered sugar because otherwise it makes them sticky if done when warm.

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