Sunday tasks accomplished

I wanted to get the table topper quilted today.


It is now finished and ready to be rolled up and tied with a ribbon so I can gift it.

The Mexican Wedding Cake cookies have been baked and the last baking stone full is cooling before getting dumped in the powdered sugar (powdered sugar seems to have exploded all over my kitchen – I can be a very messy baker).  And these cookies are maybe the best ones yet – they looked a bit odd as I was baking them like they were rising just a tiny bit which they shouldn’t – so I was afraid they would not dry out properly.  But, bite into them and they totally dissolve and melt in your mouth.  I definitely need to take these in to work or I’d be eating all of them myself.

Suppose I should see if there’s any laundry to be done but I think it may be time to knit for a while and find a good movie to watch.



Dec. 11 – snowy Sunday

It’s been snowing since about 4 p.m. yesterday but it’s a very light, fluffy  steady but slow snow so I was surprised there wasn’t more outside when I woke up this morning.  Surprised – but glad.   However, I did find the old pair of boots in the laundry room where I thought they had been stashed, so I’ll have warm feet on my way to work tomorrow (note to self – remember to wear the “good” boots home from work tomorrow. -)

I finished off two knitting projects last night.

The Tucked Hood – there are more photos and info on my Ravelry page at the link.


This will be oh so cozy and warm.

The Robin fingerless mitts pattern is a quick and easy fingerless mitt pattern.  They ended up fitting nicely – I originally thought they wouldn’t be wide enough around for my hand but after putting them on, the mock cable pattern is stretchy enough that they fit nicely.  The pattern does say to bind off tightly at the top – I did that on the first one and it  was way too tight.  So after finishing the second mitt, I ripped back the bind off on the first and did it more loosely and I’m wearing them as I type this.  I’m still not sure I think fingerless mitts are a good thing in general – because as I type it’s the exposed portion of my fingers that are cold – the main part of my hand doesn’t really get cold – but I feel rather “Bob Cratchit-like”    wearing fingerless mitts as I type. LOL  Maybe I need to go turn up the heat (or at least light a candle to warm my fingers around – yes, I did watch one of my many DVD versions of A Christmas Carol last night).


I do love this Tundra yarn.  These mitts are the second project I’ve finished for the Indie Gift-A-Long 2016 on Ravelry.   If you need a quicky last minute gift – these would be great.  They are knit flat and you just seam above and below thumb opening and in bulky yarn they knit up in a flash.

And the yarn for the January KAL of the Betwixt Blanket Cape arrived yesterday.  I was thinking it was the support knee socks my Dr. ordered arriving when there was a knock by the postman at the door. LOL  -Nope – but yarn is much more exciting to receive.


We had our office Holiday Party last week and there are always great gifts given away through drawing of names — like airline tickets, tvs, keurigs, ipads, etc.  I’ve won a tv and a Keurig in the past. My Keurig had died at some point over the past year and just last weekend I was thinking I needed to replace my drip coffeemaker since it’s not really heating correctly anymore.  But good thing I didn’t replace it yet because my name was drawn in time to claim this as my prize….


I love this Ninja coffee maker.  I wish the carafe was a bit larger (for my weekend coffee drinking) but it’s so quick to make a pot that it doesn’t matter.  You can also make various mug or travel mug (large travel mug included) single serves and to the side is sitting the milk frother which I was originally a bit skeptical  about since I’m used to steam frothers, but I made myself a delicious vanilla latte yesterday.

And speaking of kitchen gadgets — yesterday I made a baked potatoe in the air fryer – rubbed a little oil and sea salt into the skin and the skin turned out so crispy.  Also put a rib eye steak in the air fryer and it came out perfectly — if I use my oven broiler to make steak it sets off the smoke alarms so no more using the broiler.

Today’s plan — clean up the kitchen so I can mix up some cookies.  Don’t know if I’ll bake them today but at least I’ll have the dough ready to go in the fridge.  Then get the table topper quilted that is a Christmas gift.