On The Needles Report

Have you noticed that my “Friday on the Needles Report” to link up to Judy is  hardly ever posted on Friday? 🙂   I’m too lazy Friday nights usually to take photos and turn on the computer — that’s me, my jammies, a cozy quilt in my cozy chair knitting time.  Can’t be messing with the computer.

But…I have been busy knitting as you might guess …… along with planning more projects I need to knit.


My KISS Cowl a Tucked Hood is nearly ready to come off the needles.   I changed up the color placement a bit and used leftovers from the colored outside tucks to make the inner tuck area, and then finish up using my main speckled yarn for the innermost layer.  The wider stripes of color  will mostly not show – except where it sort of drapes open when wearing.  Those colors stay tucked inside but – when the really cold winds blow and you are not wearing a hat (not that I’m speaking about me) – you can pull that up over your head as a hood (yes you probably figured that out from the name of the pattern) and those wide stripes will show.  If I ever get lost in a blizzard, I’ll just pull it over my head and those bright stripes should allow me to be spotted!  I should finish this today.


This second fingerless mitt for the Indie Gift-A-Long 2016 on Ravelry should be completed today too.  I think I just have to bind off and stitch the side seam.


This I cast on one night this week because I knew I was going to be finish the other cowls I’m working on soon and I needed a no-mind bus knitting project.  This pattern is KISS Cowl – where the work is all done by a long color change yarn.  I’ve had this Regia yarn in my stash for quite a while.  I originally bought it to make socks but when I got it decided it would not make good socks (just my own personal opinion – many people do make socks from it).  It will make a pretty cowl tho with its shifting from dark to lighter shades of blue.


This yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in the Coos Bay colorway (yep another I pulled out of the stash and does it look nice with my table topper below it) 🙂   Laura Aylor does a KAL project pre-Christmas so knitters can carve out a little knitting time for themselves each day to relax and regroup.   The Coos Bay is what I will be using for that project and you can find the info on it at the link above and in her Ravelry group.

I’m also going to be starting a test knit of a cowl pattern for Laura as well next week and here is my yarn all picked out for that.


Then — yes more projects — stop shaking your head at me…….. LOL

In January I’ll be doing a KAL for the Betwixt Blanket Cape.  I love the look of it (but I also like the style of blanket it is made after).   I kept looking at the pattern ever since it was released — I had no appropriate yarn in the right amounts — I had so many projects on the needles — BUT I just kept going back to it.  It looks like a great project to toss on -whether in the house  snuggled up to keep warm  – or spring or all – or when the temps hit the single digits next week – it would be great  wrap over my coat too!  Anyway, I could no longer ignore it when I got an email from an online shop that they suggested yarn in the pattern was on sale  — had to order some.  So mine will be in these two colors.tekaposeal


Tekapo and Seal.      Okay – enough talking about knitting – time to go do some.  First I have to go see if my old pair of boots are in the laundry room still (I hope) since many inches of snow are supposed to be headed this way this weekend and of course my “good” boots are sitting at the office.  Dang!   I did go out and fill the birdfeeder, and went to the end of the complex to grab my mail.  Out of the wind its cold but that’s to be expected – but in the wind  brrrrrr – it’s been terribly windy the past three days.




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