Sandwiched and turned

The reversible table topper is nearly done.   I have the stitched together with thin batting in between and just need to hand stitch the turning opening closed.  I was worried they wouldn’t line up nicely but it turned out well. Just need to add a bit of quilting and I will have all my Christmas gifts completed.

Here’s the front and backside after stitching around the outside edges and flipping them right sides out.



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    • There were many years where I was sewing on Christmas Eve to finish gifts. The holidays are so much more enjoyable and low stress because about 5 or 6 years ago my siblings and I and my parents decided to draw names and then make a charitable donation in that person’s name. It’s fund to come up with a charity that pertains to the person whose name you have drawn. None of us “need” anything and with the cost of shipping it was just crazy. This is so much more fun so I only end up making gifts for the two bosses and one good friend.

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