And then there was snow….


I though it looked more white outside than normal through the bit I could see through the closed blinds this morning and yep – there it is.  I knew it was a bad sign when I saw that the automatic “snow” that goes across the blog screen had turned on.   Of course I’m not really complaining – it’s Dec. 4 and this is the first snow – it’s held off a lot longer this year that in past ones.  I think I’ve only had the heat on two days to take the damp chill out so far.  I guess it might be time to pull the winter sweaters out of storage.

Check it out – I’ve already got the table topper blocks set together and those Y-intersections cooperated nicely.


Just need to see what kind of thin batting scraps I have and figure out what backing I want to use.  This would be a great little project to have an extra one or two finished for that emergency gift giving so I think I may pull fabrics for a second one.


5 comments on “And then there was snow….

  1. I have a round table and am so jealous of all the table runners I see and can’t use, think I will have to put this one on the to do list for a table topper.

    • Yes it would be perfect for a round table and you could add another round of blocks to make it even larger. I’m contemplating using the design to make a Christmas Tree Skirt.

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