On the needles/ off the needles / got more needles???

Knitting, knitting and more knitting going on (and a bit of sewing too).  Let’s see, I nearly have my second fingerless mitt done for the Indie Gift-A-Long on Ravelry.   Then I plan to unsew one part of the first one and redo the  bind off at the top edge on that.  It was a bit too tight and I made it a bit too long – don’t like where it ends on my fingers – so will correct that too to match the second one which I’m making shorter.

This is my DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park off the needles.  I love the way this one pooled.the

The photos show both the inside and outside.  It gets buttons down the garter stitch section – which is hard to see in the photos but its the edge where the yellow in the first picture and the green in the second run vertically just right of center in the photo.


The cowl is on the blocking boards at the moment and and as I thought this yarn would – it blocked out a bit longer than in the photos above so is a bit larger cowl which is fine.  I just need to figure out what buttons I want to use on it.


This is the Desert Arrows Vest – also a GAL project.  I have so many stitches on those shorter needles its all scrunched up so you can really see the lovely lace pattern.  The yarn is Cascade Cherub DK.  I’ve read many reviews where people complained about it being splitty yarn – I haven’t hand any problems with that at all.  It is however full of static – every time I pull more yarn off of the ball it floats about sticking to my hand and my sleeve.  It’s definitely soft and it’s knitting up really pretty in this matter.  But I need to try to tame the static.

20161130_1This is the yarn I’m using to make the KISS Cowl a Tucked Hood.    I started it Wednesday night and am halfway through the third tuck.  in the photo below.


I’ve got it laying kind of weird in the photo but  the underside of each tuck is a  solid color and just the one row of color shows on the right side.  It’s going to be a fun and bright cowl.

Now as for the quilting — I’ve been working with this lovely batiks today.


I’m making a smaller wallhanging for one of my bosses for Christmas using these fabrics and using one of the patterns that is going to be published in the upcoming year.  I’ve shrunk the quilt block itself by 50% and I’m only making 9 blocks but its a bit slow going.  It’s a paperpieced pattern and we all know I don’t exactly love making those but sometimes to get those pointy points you need to paperpiece.  But why did making only two blocks make this much mess.


I think that’s what I hate most peeling paper off and all those scraps and threads.  But on the bright side only seven more blocks to go!  (of course each of those blocks has  16 pieces of fabric in them!). The design is actually based on a marble floor design I saw in an old church in Germany but I’ll have to wait to show you this project until the pattern is published.

And I can report another great tasting treat from the Air Fryer.   My favorite eggrolls – they turned out so crispy and didn’t ooze the insides like they do in the oven when I try to get them extra crispy.


My flash and the lighting in my kitchen isn’t helping because they looked much more evenly browned in real life but they were cooked to perfection in very short time.  I had the grocery store deliver more egg rolls in my order today so I have some in the freezer.  Quick and easy to toss in when I don’t really feel like cooking.

Now confession time — I love fish sticks.  There are good fish sticks and bad fish sticks but my mom laughed one day when I told her the perfect comfort food was fish sticks and mac ‘n cheese (Kraft boxed of course).   I usually don’t buy fish sticks but try to eat a more healthy type of fish but some days you just need the fish sticks!   And when you have a new air fryer you need to see how well it can make said fish sticks.  So yes, the grocery guy delivered those too.   I do actually eat healthier food that fish sticks and egg rolls — like that salad I’ll be having with my fish sticks rather than the mac ‘n cheese – but how boring to talk about salad. 🙂








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  1. Guilty pleasure for me is Kraft Mac and Cheese. I actually make home made for my family but my preference is the “orange stuff”. Haven’t found good fish sticks yet, but maybe I need to search a little more.

  2. Lovely knitting projects, especially the blue one. And I’m with you all the way on a good fish stick with Kraft mac and cheese – definite comfort food from my childhood, and my children’s childhood.

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