More knitting planning

First – I found a photo of another favorite fall quilting project.  I think this one is a top that needs to be quilted.  I’m going to have to check the closet when I clean it out because I think it’s hanging there needing the final border added.


And – sharing with you another of the GAL items I plan to knit — a vest for my favorite sister (as well as my only sister). 🙂  I love the Desert Arrows Vest and had been contemplating trying to make it using CustomFit to get the size I want for myself.  But it will be much easier to alter if I make it per the pattern first and I think it would look very cute on my sister.

I’ll be using this Cascade Cherub yarn in this pretty dark teal color.


Now to go refill my coffee cup and go tackle this


All the stuff that was on the bookshelf I removed from the sewing room piled on the table and chair (and floor).  Time to reorganize, clean out the closet and move some furniture around in there.