Black Friday Shopping

I think I’m running out of images of my favorite fall quilts.  This one isn’t a “made” quilt yet but it is one I want to make.  This is just the Electric Quilt image of it – it’s a pattern I sell on the EQ website.  I haven’t done any applique in a while so maybe I’ll get started on this one soon.


Pumpkin, sunflowers, applies blackbird, cattails – all fall images I love.

I took the day off work since neither of my guys were going to be in but was up at the same early time for a doctor’s appointment at 7:30 a.m.  It was a good idea at the time I scheduled it since I figured I go into work afterwards originally (since I had originally planned to work today)  but last night I was thinking – what did I schedule that so early for?? LOL  But a friend who also was off work dropped me off – she went down the street to do a little shopping – came back and got me and we went off for breakfast.

I had no intention of doing any Black Friday shopping.  I hate shopping under normal, uncrowded circumstances so there’s no way I venture into a store on this day.  We did stop at the grocery store (I picked up all the stuff I forgot to get for my Thanksgiving dinner which I will be having either today or tomorrow) which was definitely pretty empty.  But we did make one specific stop (since it was near where we had breakfast)  to see if they had any Black Friday sales.

morningThese were the Black Friday special – buy one get one Morning buns…..  breakfast treat perfection with a good cup of coffee.  Yep, we stopped at a great German bakery – eyed all the holiday cookies that are already packaged and waiting, but I only got a few morning buns.   I did have to call my Mom and tell her about our stupendous sale find (okay I was teasing her jut a bit because she loves their morning buns too).  So that was the extent of my Black Friday shopping – not even any yarn was purchased at the various on-line stores running sales today.  It’s a miracle! 🙂


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  1. You have a will power of steel to resist all the yarn sales that I see coming through my email today. So far, I’ve been good too, but my stash is small and I’m such a slow knitter that I know there is at least many years worth to keep me busy. Have a nicelong weekend . I like the last Fall quilt you did in EQ. Very appropriate for the season.

    • I know – The Loopy Ewe, Eat.Sleep.Knit and my favorite for gradients, Black Trillium – I’ve looked at the sales but then deleted the emails. Not so much power of steel as — a case of a bunch of recently acquired yarn that I don’t know where I’m going to store it so shouldn’t be buying more yarn. 🙂

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