Happy Thanksgiving Day

turkey tracks projects from 100 blocks blockI have several favorite Fall/Thanksgiving wall hangings and table runners and would you believe that I forgot to put any of them out so far this year! And one of my absolute favorites is sitting in a cabinet at the office since we hung it up on a cubicle wall last year.  Dang!    So I’m going to start all my blog posts through the weekend with an image of one of my favorites so at least I can see them that way.

What to do today?   It will be a quiet Thanksgiving Day here.  My plan had been to make my version of Thanksgiving dinner (Cornish Hen) but I forgot the important ingredients needed to go with that meal when I was at the store last weekend and no way was I going to stop at the grocery store on my way home last night.     I can’t have “thanksgiving” dinner without cranberry sauce or my mom’s stuffing recipe (for which I didn’t buy the celery or bread).  What was I thinking?    So I think my Cornish hen will wait until the weekend and I’ll be feasting on smoked pork chops and acorn squash (and whatever else looks good in the fridge) since that is also one of my most favorite meals.

Today will be a lazy day.  Tomorrow I’m off work but have an appointment first thing in the morning – but basically a four day weekend – so the cleaning can wait.  I’m excited to have a new “all people” recliner chair delivered on Saturday morning.  I need to move furniture around tomorrow to make room for it since I want to make sure it actually arrives before I have the junk guys come get the old couch and chair out of here – so my living room will be a bit crowded until the old furniture is removed.  Then I’ll just look for a love seat to replace the couch.

Today will be a watching old movies and knitting day I think – unless I get ambitious with something else.  Here’s my latest DaVinci Cowl in the Cornucopia yarn.


On this one I knit bout 3″ or so and then decided to see if I could shift the colors to the right and then continue pooling. It worked!   You can see about an inch down from the needles I shifted the colors once more to the right — so it will have sort of three different sections.  I love it.  I may just get this one finished off today.

I’m also working (between all these other cowls I’ve been compelled to start) on my DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park. I’ve got about 15″ knit so far – more than halfway done.


I have looked a the Black Friday and weekend yarn and fabric sales emails from my favorite on-line locations and have decided – no I really do NOT need to order anything and I actually don’t think I’ll change my mind about that this time. 🙂

10:00 AM – time for more coffee and to get dressed — its definitely chilly in jammies in the apt but despite the drop in temps from 60s last week to 20s at night and currently 36 right now – I haven’t had to kick the heat on until today!!  Where my particular apt is located (below a hill, on the nonwindy side of the building with apts above and to the side of it) the apartment stays quite warm all on its own but yesterday’s cold temps and rain all day has let the cold and damp finally make me think – hey I should kick the heat on.   But not having to turn the heat on until Thanksgiving day — I like that!

Hope you have a lovely day whether with family and friends or hanging out on your own like I am.   If you are a knitter or crocheter, have you heard about the Indie Gift-A-Long on Ravelry.   A chance to try out new designers, get reduced prices on patterns, win prizes, and get started on some gift knitting you may need to do.  Yep – because I don’t have enough on the needles, I’ll be participating.  I nearly forgot about until friend Judy posted about what she’ll be making.  Check out the projects she’s picked at the link.   I’ll tell you later today about the ones I’ve chosen — I’m off to do some stash diving to see what yarn I can match up with the patterns I’ve picked.







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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Denise. Quiet around here for us today too, as the kids/grandkids are all going elsewhere. Roast beef – because my husband likes that better than turkey. But there is pumpkin pie! And some quilting!

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