Gift-Along Hat


Thankful bounty cover photoresized

Continuing the fall/Thanksgiving quilt images — this one is my absolute favorite and the one we had hung at the office.  I need to bring it home and put it up for a while here.

Here’s the link for the Indie Gift-Along on Ravelry.  You can find all the information there, i.e. designer pages and their patterns, KAL groups you can join for prizes, what those prizes are, chat with other knitters, etc.  There are discounted patterns – lots and lots of them – until a date later this month so info on the discount code is there as well.

Will I get all the items done by the end of the Gift Along period – very unlikely – not a chance!  But I did get some great patterns on sale that I plan to work on even if they don’t get finished in order to qualify for prizes.  And actually I haven’t even checked out what the prizes are.  It’s all about the fun of “doing.”  I still haven’t decided how many categories I might want to make items in but I’ll tell you about the one I just started this afternoon while watching the Macy’s Parade.

It’s called Lodgepole Hat and has been on my want to make list even before the Gift-Along.  I had one hank of Madtosh Vintage in Pendelton Red – a gorgeous red color –

20161124_2leftover from another project so pulled that along with some white left over from some other project.   I love the simple colorwork trees.  I’m not sure I will be able to gift this one — I may need to keep this red hat for myself.

While watching the parade I finished the ribbing and have about three rows of the colorwork started.





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  1. I love the Thankful Bounty Quilt. I made it in the sew-along, and it eventually became a prayer quilt for someone, but I might make it again some day. It’s just a wonderful quilt–and definitely *not* boring to make! Great design; you did such a good work when you designed that!

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