I LOVE this cowl!


This is my second DaVinci Cowl and I absolutely adore how the pooling looks on this.  I sort of refolded it in each photo so you could see how it looks all the way around.  This is such a fun pattern.    I wanted a smaller than the original pattern size but it’s easy to adjust.  This one – is about 28″ loop (14″ across as it is laying flat/folded and 9″ high).  I could have made it taller since I do have some yarn left over but this is a great height.

Did I mention I love this one??  So now that I have one off the needles, I think I must cast on another one.  Can’t be having too many pairs of empty needles laying around.

So since it’s Thanksgiving week, the yarn I will be using is aptly named.  The color is “Cornucopia” and it’s a Three Irish Girls yarn that is another yarn I love for it’s soft squishy feel.