DaVinci Cowl Two

I did manage to ignore that Cornucopia yarn that I showed in the last blog post — it did not make me cast it on for a new cowl.  After all – it was all the way in the sewing room and why get up to go get it when there’s a perfectly lovely ball of yarn sitting on the couch right next to me!:-)

Yes, I did cast on a second cowl – another DaVinci Cowl but this time I will keep my yarn pooling correctly.  I love the dark colors in this yarn.  I have several favorite yarns and this is one of my favorites for making socks — String Theory Caper Sock.    I can tell just by feeling (and looking at the gorgeous colors) which of my socks are made from this yarn.   it’s wool with a bit of cashmere and nylon in it so holds up well and has a nice soft feel.

But this hank did not want to be socks.


It wanted to be pooling/stacking project and I made great progress last night on it.


And doesn’t it match that block in the quilt behind it well!

As for my Sunday excitement – breakfast out with a friend and then we went to the furniture store next door to the restaurant.

My couch and chair are absolutely positively shot so I was looking for something to replace them with and she was looking at new couches.    I had printed information on a couple chairs I wanted to look at and was hoping they had them in the store.   The one I most wanted to try out they had – it’s wider recliner for tall people – most recliners the leg rests aren’t long enough and end mid calf letting your feet dangle.  This one is so comfortable.  It’s very plain looking and has a few more bells and whistles than I wanted but I couldn’t pass it up.  I’m tired of saggy cushions.  Next Saturday I’ll have a new comfy chair for knitting!   At some point I’m planning on getting a love seat to replace my couch but not in a hurry.  As long as I have one comfy place to sit for the time being, I’m good and may wait until after the holiday sales to go look some more.  In the mean time, I need to call the guys who haul away junk and arrange for them to come get my chair and couch and see if there’s anything else they can get rid of for me.


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  1. Hi Denise. would you please share how you get the yarn to pool like that. i’ve tried and just can’t make it work. is it math? the length of each color segment and number of stitches. thanks. maggie

  2. Hi Denise,
    I’ve followed your blog for a few years now…happened upon it back when you were midway through the “Granny’s Hankies” quilt. I’m a long time quilter, and I love to crochet and do all types of hand embroidery and needlepoint. But when it comes to knitting, I seem to end up like a skein of yarn sometimes is..all twisted up. Knitting when I should purl, or purling when I should knit. :-D. Wondering are you a self-taught knitter?
    Thank you for sharing so many of your lovely patterns… and for sharing the pics of all of your beautiful handmade items. Your creativity is just amazing!

    • Thanks. Yes – I’m pretty much self-taught. My Mom did knit mittens when my siblings and I were little to keep us all in mittens (which we inevitably kept losing) 🙂 so I’m sure she helped me get started when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and then I did learn more through 4-H in grade school but pretty much what I learned I learned from books and trial and error. With the internet today, there’s so many videos of different stitches and techniques that make it so much easier since you can actually see how the stitches develop, how to hold the yarn, exactly where to place the needles for specific stitches — rather than trying to look at a drawing in a book to figure all that out. I personally thing the Craftsy classes are a great way to learn the basics of anything (and more advanced techniques) especially if you don’t have acess to classes locally or a knitting friend to help guide you along — you can watch the classes as many times as you like, go back over an area that is giving you problems, learn new techniques — and they put their classes on sale for half price frequently.

  3. I’m intrigued by those DaVinci patterns and even though I never wear cowls, I might have to give it a try! (I have several relatives in Madison — maybe they all wear cowls, too? It’s just not cold enough in coastal California)

    Also — could you tell me which quilt pattern is the one in your blog header? Sort of a storm-at-sea variation… love it!


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