The blustery night and day

Gosh -have you had the high winds yesterday and today like we have.  Amazing.  I normally don’t hear the wind howling because of the location of my apartment but last night it was so loud and when I came home from work it was amazing how windy it was.

It started out looking like this

20161119_15 The photo makes it look a bit nicer than it was – since the day started out very overcast and cold and it looked like it could snow….. (did I say snow – well it was in the forecast but I think we have avoided it).  Day before yesterday 75 and I wore sandals to work; yesterday and today – 30’s – I think the sandals have seen their last day of wear for the year but as it was November 17 – it’s still hard to believe it was warm for so long.

A friend came over late morning and we spent several hours in my sewing room working on our projects.

I pulled out my fabrics for one of The Loopy Ewe Monthly Mixer projects.  The one I was working on is for the monthly of August where the challenge is to make something either Olympic related/themed or representing the colors of Rio (in honor of the summer Olympics).

aug-inspir-rioThis was my inspiration photo for Rio where I pulled the colors from to choose fabrics.

aug-fa-bThese are the fabrics I chose to use.

I’m just doing a simple sashed 4-patch block in a positive / negative type style to make a lap quilt.


I managed to get twenty-two blocks cut and sewn so far today and need to figure out how many more I want to make.

Here’s the blocks I made today — they are not in their final arrangement — just stuck up on the design wall for the time being until I get the rest of my blocks made.



6 comments on “The blustery night and day

  1. I’m glad the winds have died down that was crazy! We had snow yesterday morning, but by mid-morning it was gone. They’re predicting snow for Wednesday. Thankfully I’m not supposed to work. It was bound to happen eventually.

  2. I like it. I’m in Nevada and the wind has been blowing all day. Not as cold as you … in fact warmer now that earlier in the week.

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