DaVinci Cowls


Yes – I’m talking cowls – not the DaVinci Code book or movie (though I did just rewatch the movie not long ago.)

Let’s just state the obvious – if you’ve read my blog for a while (okay not even a long while) you have realized I love lovely yarns.  Hand painted yarns are so pretty but I’m not really in a sock knitting mood so what to do with a lovely hank of hand painted yarn.   Some of these lovelies are so perfect for the cowl designs of a designer I came across on Ravelry not long ago.

I love the pooling that some of these yarns do but until now my pooling has been purely by chance — the yarn just happened to pool here or there due to the yarn I was using and what I was making.  But now I have learned how to purposely make them pool through the designs of Mary-Ann Lammers.

The cowl pattern I am currently working on is her  DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park .  This is what Mary-Ann’s finished cowl looks like


© Mary-Ann Lammers  (photo used with permission)

I love the button finish too.   So I went stash diving and pulled out several different yarns.

This is the one I ended up deciding to use for this pattern.  This was a bonus yarn I received for completing Camp Loopy back in 2013.


Two things about this yarn (1) it’s about time it came out of the stash into the light of day and (2) it’s got PINK in it!  If you’re a regular blog reader you know that “I don’t do pink.”  I don’t wear it, I don’t quilt with it, I don’t knit with it…..but ….. there are times where I try to convince myself to like pink and I think when I chose my camp reward yarn, I must have been in one of those moods where I decided to try pink again.  Now honestly, I do like the way the three shades of pink in this yarn are knitting up.

This cowl is tubular in shape so here’s what I have knit since casting on Wednesday night.


This is one side with the mostly green and pinks


And this is the other side with the pink shades and gold and only a hint of green sneaking in .  The pattern lays out all the information on how to make your chosen yarn stack the colors and this is proving to be a very quick and easy knit.

My plan is to put buttons on both sides of the cowl – stitching from the button on one side through to a similar button on the opposite side so that my cowl will be two sided and I can wear it with either side as the right side.

My first project of Mary-Ann’s was the DaVinci Cowl.   This is Mary-Ann’s version.



I started out really well.


But then I ran amok.  I was happily knitting along on the bus one night staring out the window and not really paying attention to what I was doing and I let my colors that were stacking so nicely (top of photo below), take a severe turn  (bottom of photo below). 🙂


I had knit an inch or two before I realized what I was doing and I really did not want to rip it back to fix it.  So I just continued  to let it do what it wanted to without intervention so the top half of this cowl is proper DaVinci style and the bottom – well it’s quite dizzying to the eye actually but it will be a fun double loopy cowl to wear — adding a pop of color to this plain black blouse.


As I was searching for yarn to make the Villa Park project, I came across this hank of yarn.

20161119_10It’s Three Irish Girls  McClellan Fingering in the colorway Cornucopia.  The colors are actually richer than in my photo – my Ravelry stash photo shows them better –

but my plans for this are to make another DiVinci  Cowl and this time not run amok and keep my colors in line. 🙂

Seriously, these are fun, well-written patterns and a great way to get a different look with those hand painted yarns so if you like the pooling and manipulation of your hand painted yarns, I highly recommend checking out Mary-Ann Lammer’s designs and come join me in the “pool”.  (I know, I know – very bad pun).   🙂






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  1. I think your DaVinci turned out wonderful. That Cornucopia colorway is to die for. I can’t wait to see it knit up!

    • Thanks – Yes I can’t wait to try out the Cornucopia and see how that pools — perhaps that will be a new cast on for Thanksgiving Day knitting – Cornucopia seems aptly named for that.

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