Loopy Sewing Mixer Projects

A bit of quality time this afternoon sewing with a friend.  I got a couple quilt blocks done that I need to send off in the mail and then turned to my Loopy Ewe Monthly Mixer Fabric projects.  I’ve fallen behind and need to do a bit of catching up.

The Mixer project for the month of July was to make something using wool or flannel.  I found a thread catcher pattern (free one if I remember right) on Craftsy for a cute little triangular container.  Super quick and easy to make – especially since I made a few changes to how I put mine together that differed from the pattern.

While the pattern calls them thread catchers – I’m far more haphazard with my threads I’m cutting off while sewing.  I need a big target (wastebasket) to drop them in and this little thing would definitely not work for me as a thread catcher.  However, I’ve got one of them in the bathroom where I’m apt to take off a necklace or earrings and set them on the counter — now they won’t be rolling around or getting knocked off.   I also have one at the end of the breakfast bar for my rings that I take off if doing messy things in the kitchen.


The solid colors are the wool and the other fabric is a batik.   I’ve got enough left from the squares of wool I got to make a couple more.  I definitely need one for my knitting needle stitch markers that I’m constantly knocking off the end table where I knit.  A very useful little catch-all container.

I also finally got the binding machine stitched to one side of my January Mixer (yes all the way back to January).   I may just get it hand stitched down while watching tv tonight.


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  1. Love your idea of using them in the bathroom and kitchen. Like you I also need larger sizes as thread catchers – LOL.

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