Loopy Sewing Mixer Projects

A bit of quality time this afternoon sewing with a friend.  I got a couple quilt blocks done that I need to send off in the mail and then turned to my Loopy Ewe Monthly Mixer Fabric projects.  I’ve fallen behind and need to do a bit of catching up.

The Mixer project for the month of July was to make something using wool or flannel.  I found a thread catcher pattern (free one if I remember right) on Craftsy for a cute little triangular container.  Super quick and easy to make – especially since I made a few changes to how I put mine together that differed from the pattern.

While the pattern calls them thread catchers – I’m far more haphazard with my threads I’m cutting off while sewing.  I need a big target (wastebasket) to drop them in and this little thing would definitely not work for me as a thread catcher.  However, I’ve got one of them in the bathroom where I’m apt to take off a necklace or earrings and set them on the counter — now they won’t be rolling around or getting knocked off.   I also have one at the end of the breakfast bar for my rings that I take off if doing messy things in the kitchen.


The solid colors are the wool and the other fabric is a batik.   I’ve got enough left from the squares of wool I got to make a couple more.  I definitely need one for my knitting needle stitch markers that I’m constantly knocking off the end table where I knit.  A very useful little catch-all container.

I also finally got the binding machine stitched to one side of my January Mixer (yes all the way back to January).   I may just get it hand stitched down while watching tv tonight.


Happy Saturday Morning

The sun is shining and it’s a crisp feeling fall morning here.  But I can’t believe it’s November 12 and we are still having warming temps than normal.  We were supposed to finally get our first hard freeze last night and from the look of the hostas outside, it definitely happened.   But loving this fall weather and looks like the next week will be more of the same so I’m glad about that.

With my sitting around most evenings with my leg elevated due to the leg ulcer, I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done – who am I kidding – I knit nearly every evening anyway but this is sort of a good reason not to go do something else but sit and knit instead.

I have finished a couple more items this week.   Here’s another cowl I made for Laura Aylor’s Cowl-Along – another from her SSC pattern.  I fell in love with this hank of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dye – love colors in it. bag144_small2_medium Only one hank left so I had to make the most of my limited yardage.  This stuff is so soft and in a bulky yarn, it took no time at all to knit up.

Here’s the right side


and here’s the wrong side – it could be worn either way and each side has a bit of a different look way the colors show up.


And I also fell in love with this colorway of the same yarn.  plymouthbabyalpagrandhandyeyarn141_small2_mediumI was able to get two hanks of this but have only used one so far to make this Across the Heath cowl – you can find the pattern on Ravelry.  It’s super easy and I love the way the purl and knits spiral up the cowl.  I need to give this a bit of a shot of steam to block the edges but love how this turned out and need to decide if I’m gifting this one (and need to make another for me) or decide what else to use the other hank for.


If you are a beginning knitter (or more experienced just looking for a fun quick project) either of these two patterns would be perfect and in bulky yarn, they knit up so quickly.

Then I came across a hat pattern which I liked the look of.   I as a rule don’t wear hats – long cowls or scarfs or shawls will get pulled up over my head but I seldom wear a hat.  However I wanted to try out the Rikke Hat (also on Ravelry of course) and am making it to match the cowl I made for myself.


The cowl at the top of the photo is using just one strand of yarn.  For the hat at the bottom I’m using two strands of yarn – one of the colorway that has the blue, green and gray in it and then the other strand is the colorway that is just light to dark shades of only gray.  I like how it’s looking.   I can’t remember how much of this yarn I bought but I’m hoping I may have some more hidden away so that I can make matching mittens.

So off to go see if I have tidied the sewing room enough – a friend is coming to sew today and we need a bit of room to work.

Later I will update my finished knits/yarn knit to date totals adding in these latest finishes.  Good thing I decided not to keep track of yarn coming in this year because this week so a bunch of colorful lovey hanks arrive — I’ll tell you about my plans for those later.