The Snowblower Hat

I wanted to make a hat as a birthday gift and needed a manly color in bulky yarn.  I don’t have a lot of bulky in the stash so decided to steal the yarn from my Shoji cowl I was knitting.  I had started the cowl on larger needles than called for by mistake and it was going to be a bit too wide anyway.

So – commandeered the yarn yesterday afternoon and last night finished this hat (many people probably used that extra hour due to Daylight Saving Time ending to sleep – I used it to knit).    🙂   I changed the pattern a bit since the twisted stitch was only supposed to be on the front half and the back half in stockinette.  It’s knit in Miss Babs K2 – a bulky yarn and should be nice an warm when “snowblower” season arrives.


Since the first hat went to quickly, I want to make another one – having a choice of hats is always good – so need to dig out some worsted for the second one which is called the “Bus Hat.”  Both these hats are freebie patterns on Ravelry.



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    • LOL. I would have the perfect yarn to make the perfect bus hat too but it’s the wrong weight for that pattern. The colorway is called “Can I Drive the Bus?”. 🙂

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