Cowl-Along progress

The Laura Aylor Cowl-Along on Ravelry ends on November 30 — the object of which is to make at least two cowls from Laura’s many patterns – one to keep for yourself and one to use as a gift. As you know I live in Wisconsin – I wear cowls.  I prefer them to scarfs so cowls of various sizes, colors, styles serve different purposes so in my opinion you can never have too many cowls….. or maybe I’m nearing that point soon but then I will just have to gift more of them or give them away on street corners. 🙂

I’ve already shown you the first three cowls I finished (if you missed them see the Oct. 24 blog post).   I’ve now finished two more.




Bittersweet is the name of this cowl.  It’s great for keeping your shoulders warm.  I was going to gift this one but am rethinking that.  When I tried it on last night I like the fact that the part around the neck will pull up and cover my ears and nose and stay in place.  Good for those really chilly mornings (especially since I have an aversion to wear hats normally).



This one I am absolutely in love with.  It’s based on the First Point of Libra cowl pattern which was to use gradient yarns.  I used two different colors of self striping yarn but after adding a second or two of just the gray shaded striping yarn to the one that has the aqua, gray, green in it – the all gray shades one was so similar that I decided to just use most of the multicolored since I really liked those colors. There’s one section where the colors stripe vertically from bottom of cowl to top and then the rest of them stripe horizontally.  It’s a wide cowl and is folded in half in this photo.  I goofed when joining the ends and got a twist in it but I kind of like it that way as it makes the back lay nicely against my neck without feeling like it’s too bulky.  Doesn’t it match my new gray coat perfectly?  I have more of this yarn so I think mittens and possibly a hat (I know I said I have an aversion to them but I may look for a pattern I might wear)  to go with it at some point.

The Cloud of Bats cowl I previously posted about — that’s coming along nicely


Last night I worked on adding another section to my Shoji cowl


On a totally unrelated note – was there a full moon recently?  because I’ve been getting a lot of emails of the type that just drive me crazy.   This blog post is all about knitting and nothing about quilting.  That’s just the way it is at the moment around here.  But I always find it funny (well annoying really) when people email me saying they enjoy seeing what I’m knitting on   but would really rather see my quilting projects since they don’t knit (okay one didn’t say she enjoyed seeing it, she just said “I don’t knit so I’m not interested in that”).   I actually have had two – not one but actually two – people who suggested I create two separate blogs so they can only subscribe to my quilting blog since they weren’t interested in knitting.   Now one response to that would be ” Yes – let me totally change the way I use my blog to accommodate you”  — okay that’s not really my reaction as you can well imagine.

And then there were the emails saying they’d love to see blog posts from me every day and are always so disappointed when there aren’t.   Again, one option “let me change my life for you” but since we know that isn’t likely – learning to live with disappointment would serve those people well.  As I’ve said before –  I work a full time job where I’m sitting at a desk working on a computer all day long.   Now I love what I do but after doing that all day, about the last thing I want to do when I get home most week nights is sit at the table and turn on the computer.  This is why you will find most of the blog posts coming on the weekends – and several per day per weekend sometimes depending on what I’m up to.

That sitting at a desk all day is always why there really is only quilting accomplished around here on the weekends.  I don’t want to come home and sit at my sewing table week nights either.

So you know what my next suggestion is — you choose whether or not you read my blog — if it’s not what you want to read about, no one is forcing you.  However, please don’t send me emails asking that I change my blog or my life to accommodate you – it’s just plain rude.