Bats in the Belfry?

batheadband Now I haven’t gone totally batty yet but this would be a fun and easy headband to make for Halloween wouldn’t it.  🙂  And it would go so well with the project I’m about to cast on — which is A Cloud of Bats. 20161030_3


It’s a Laura Aylor pattern which I think I told you before, and she’s running an open “test a-long” so the pattern is free for another day or so.   It’s a two color cowl and the colorwork looks like bats.   I don’t have much worsted weight yarn in the stash so finally remembered the Blackstone Tweed (which I had planned to make mittens out of).  It’s a dark brown and has flecks of dark acqua, magenta and gold in it – and the Encore was left over from some other project – and I happen to love that gold – so I think they well together.

And that hat I showed earlier today which wasn’t finished — several episodes of Dark Shadows later (appropriate viewing if you are starting a “cloud of bats” by the way) and the hat is done.












I added the pom pom but that may be removed later.  It’s very dense  and this is 100% alpaca yarn so the pom may sort of weigh it down.  I’ll let my sister decide if she wants to cut it off or not.  If you’re looking for a simple stockinette hat – no ribbing so the edges roll naturally and just simple decreases – then you might like this hat.



Aftermath of vacation

It was a busy three days at the end of this past week when I returned to work from vacation but not as crazy as I had expected – which was a good thing.  Especially since I needed to make a trip to Urgent Care one night to get my leg looked at – and the short version of that is I have a leg ulcer so have been laying low (actually – lots of sitting around knitting) this weekend.

I went out to breakfast with a friend yesterday and was very surprised when I opened the door – it has been getting chilly at night and warming up into the 60s during the day for the past couple of days but when I opened the door it was already 70 and humid.  Definitely warmed up over night.   And while out – my excitement was buying new rugs for the bathroom and some movies to keep me occupied while I knit.

I’ve been working on this cowl – which needs a few more inches to make it long enough


I have nearly finished a ski bonnet type hat.  It just needs the ties and tassels added.  This is definitely pumpkin colored.

And I also started on this little rolled brim hat.



This one is more acorn squash color than orange – definitely have those fall colors going in in my knitting right how.  Both hats are 100% alpaca – my test samples for someone who merino wool itches to see if she can wear alpaca instead.   I may make a cowl to match this hat – Laura Aylor just released one that is free for a few days that looks like it has bats on it – very cute.

Other exciting news – Quiltmaker is going to publish another one of my quilt designs – don’t know what issue it will be in but I’m guessing spring/summer sometime.

Now back to my knitting and in honor of Halloween – the Dark Shadows marathon.