Knitted finishes

Although I haven’t done much quilting this vacation -I have been knitting like crazy.  Knitting in the car, in the hotel, and at home – ignoring some of the cleaning and closet

rearranging I had planned to do while at home.

Laura Aylor has a One for You/One for a Gift Cowl-Along going on right now through her Ravelry Group, Laura’s Workshop – you can find all the information there.   Cowls makes such great gifts so having extras around is always a good thing – plus I like wearing them myself.  I prefer them to winter scarfs – no ends to blow around – and also like lighter weight ones to wear as a pop of color over a blouse or sweater rather than a silk scarf or jewelry.  If my neck is warm, then the rest of me stays warm so I wear a lot of cowls year round.

I seldom knit with bulky weight yarns but for cowls bulky yarn is great and talk about instant gratification.  These bulky weight cowls I started and finished all within a three day period in addition to working on several projects at the same time so they were definitely very quick to knit up.


24 – SSC cowl

This one is just stockinette stitch and the usual “wrong side” of stockinette is actually the “right” side of this cowl. I love all the little pops of color and the edges are meant to curl under just enough so that it lays nicely.  This one is definitely one I’ll keep for myself since I love fall colors so much.


22 – Rhinebeck Cowl

This is the Rhinebeck Cowl – and although you’ve heard me say (or seen my write) many times that I don’t love doing cables – even I don’t mind at all doing this one row cable twisted cowl.


23 – Antidote Cowl

I love the Antidote Cowl – I didn’t have a bulky yarn to use for this one so I held two strands of BMFA Crackpaca (DK weight) yarn together – one was the multicolored and the other a light blue color.  This is so soft and lovely – used only about half of each yarn so I can make another as a gift or use the yarn for something else.  I still need to find a button for it – under the folded back flap there is a button hole.  This one was probably the quickest of all of them to make – simple garter stitch, a few easy short rows and simple buttonhole.

I also have a few other cowls in progress…..

But more on those later…….


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  1. I really love the SS Cowl and the Antidote one. They look like something I can do and the colors are just what I need to accent my winter clothes. Thanks for inspiring me to look them up. They are soo pretty.

  2. Love how you’ve got 3 cowls done and 3 in progress. I just got my yarn in the mail for the 2-for-1 patterns! With any luck I’ll be casting on soon!

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