Barn Dance

The wedding was this past weekend that I designed the “Barn Dance” free quilt pattern for.  My version of that quilt which is to be the bride and groom’s wedding present – is still in my sewing room.  The wedding card contained an IOU for the quilt – it still needs to be quilted but when I told my niece about it she was very happy saying she was “hoping” for a quilt from me and that makes it all the more fun to make for her.  Now I just need to decide on the backing fabric and how I want to quilt it and get it done.

The wedding was lovely but I totally forgot to take any photos – with one exception and it’s not of the bride and groom but of my sister and her husband as we were getting ready  to leave the hotel for the ceremony and they were being goofy so it serves them right that I posted this photo with them making faces at me.  🙂


Although I don’t have my Barn Dance quilt finished – Rebecca P sent me a photo of her version of Barn Dance that she made and it turned out so lovely.  She said I could share her photo here.  What a great looking quilt!  If anyone else has finished their Barn Dance quilt – I’d love to see a photo of it and share it here on the blog. RebeccaP.jpg

Hopefully you’ll be seeing my own finished version here soon.


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