On a Whim

That’s what I called this project – the actual pattern is Whim by Laura Aylor.  Simple garter stitch body and fun, simple lace border is added after the body is made.  I love the squishy-ness of garter stitch shawls.  Bound off the edge this morning and then blocked it.


The yarn I used is Colinette Jitterbug and the color is Salted Caper.  I love the shade of blue in this yarn – not your average blue but just a bit different and also love the golds that are mixed in with it. The photo below shows the colors pretty true to life.


19 – Whim – Laura Aylor pattern

This is completed project 19 on my page of items knit this year.  I  bought this yarn back in 2013 from TLE so time it finally turned out to be something.


I also finished off my Crackpaca Cowl and it’s blocking and hopefully tomorrow can also get photos of the big lace shawl.


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    • Yes I pulled that sweater for the photo because I knew the colors would look great together – unfortunately I don’t think it’s a style of sweater the scarf will actually look good with (but the back of the sweater worked great for the photo) 🙂

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