On the Needles 10-14-16

It’s a lovely fall morning here – even lovelier since I’m on vacation.  Sun shining, cool crispy air, tiny bit of a breeze and bright blue sky and about 40 degrees right now.  But it will be in the 60s later today – my perfect kind of weather.  A friend at work was laughing at me earlier this week — it was a coolish day and I had pulled out a long sleeve sweater (albeit a cotton one) to wear with my pants and had sandals on.  She just laughed and said you know we are Wisconsinites – we wear sweaters and sandals at the same time. I’m going to be said to have to put away my sandals and wear real shoes.

I headed out to the dumpsters with some trash and recycling about 8 a.m. and I could see my breath outside – and yes, I was wearing my sandals. 🙂

As for knitting – I’m still plugging away on the big lace shawl test knit for Laura Aylor.  It’s going to be big – but then so am I 🙂 and it’s going to be so cozy to wrap all up in this winter.  So my other projects have been set aside until I get this shawl done but I can show you what’s not yet on the needles.

20161014_7Two more colors of Crackpaca.  I so love the feel of this yarn.

And some Miss Babs Big Silk.  I’ve never tried the Big Silk before but it feels very lovely to.





Big Silk is 60% wool and 40% silk and comes in BIG hanks (hence the Big Silk name I bet) of 540 yards.  The color on that photo is really off – it’s all shades of purple and much darker than it looks in the photo – the color is called Crow’s Feet and I got the Blackbird (black) to go with it.    I had planned to use them together (just by the names they should like they should be used together) but don’t know that the black will stand out enough against the darker purples –  but for now I just squish them when I walk by to feel their lovely softness.

Today’s vacation plans – clean and clean and maybe clean.   Kitchen and living room are up first and then back to purging the sewing room of unneeded/unwanted “stuff”.