The never-ending sewing room tidy

I am so messy when I’m sewing….. or cooking….or baking…. even knitting – I know – how can you be messy knitting?  But one side of the couch has several projects sitting on it waiting for me to get back to them as I switch back and forth on what I’m working on.

20161009_2But back to the sewing room — which has been a mess  for quite some time and is feeling a bit claustrophobic from all the “stuff” scattered about in that room.   As I was contemplating what to do to make things more manageable (other than the obvious fact that I don’t need to buy any more fabric or yarn) 🙂 I decided that this storage center needed to be cleaned out. Much of it was filled with thread (and whatever else has gotten tossed into the drawers rather than put in it’s correct home).

A large portion of the thread was “hand me down” from several friends who had family members who sewed or quilted and no one else in the family did.  The drawers had turned into an unruly mess and I knew there was actually quite a bit of thread in there I would never use and could cull out since it was  various discount store brands of yarn that are too fuzzy for me to want to use in my machine and/or too weak.   So it was all sorted, rearranged and the weak thread along with the really dusty spools were cleared out.  I still have about half those drawers filled with thread but was able to use the rest of the drawers for other stuff and still have one empty I think.

Next it was on to the two shelf unit that used to hold some fabric groups and other goodies.


I say “used to” because here it is – just a couple things left to take off the top of it and then on big trash day, it can go to the curb .

Everything that was on it fit on a different shelving unit in the room so one less piece of furniture in my sewing room.

I just have these two little boxes to finish going through that were on that shelf.



Scraps – I’m generally not much of a scrap saver – except for maybe batiks which one of those boxes is, and I think the other is all my scraps from TLE fabrics so if I’m working on a Mixer project or something else through TLE, I know where to look for scraps.  But I need to sort through and decide if there’s anything in these I want to keep and then one little portion of the sewing room will be tidied and I can work my way around the rest of the room.

One of the major clean ups I did today was computer CDs – which took up quite a bit of my day.  I had piles of them – projects for Hoffman Fabrics, extra copies of projects for EQ Boutique and past blog  QAL and mystery projects, lots of quilt photos, computer back up cds, etc.  All of them were, of course not very clearly labeled.   So I went thru those and dumped all the quilt photos into my “Justquiltin’s Quilts” blog — there’s a link in the sidebar to get to it and that blog is just my “photo album” of quilts finished and some in progress.  There’s duplicate photos that I need to delete at some point but I was just trying to get them all in one place as quickly as possible so I can destroy the CDS and get rid of that stack of clutter.  I have just over 450 photos on that site now and added nearly 300 of those today.  As I was adding the photos I was surprised at how many I had totally forgotten about making as they had log ago been gifted or sold – like seeing old friends.  I still have some disks to go through — from before I had a digital camera and I had the images put on CD by Walgreens – and then there’s the album of quilt photos – way before digital – that I want to scan and add too but those are projects for another day and I’ve done enough rambling on for one day too. 🙂

Time to get back to my test knit shawl.





14 comments on “The never-ending sewing room tidy

  1. Such a relief to get things tidied up. Wish the “clean” could last a little longer around here though! Ha!

  2. We have a freebie table at our guild and people bring scraps, thread, books, magazines, patterns, UFOs and other castoffs to it and everyone takes what they want and the remainder goes to a mission. Keeps a lot of useable stuff out of the landfill!

    • Since I don’t belong to a guild that’s not possible for me. And the thread spools I’m tossing I wouldn’t want to give to anyone since they are such poor quality.

  3. I just finished a major sewing dungeon cleaning, of course I don’t have those frequent tidying days like you do. I just let it pile up and when the folks from Hoarders didn’t show up to help I had to take it on myself. When we have furniture to dispose of we just put it to the curb (used to be next to the dumpster) the day before the pick up and someone usually comes and gets it, one man’s trash…..
    Doesn’t that purging feel good.
    PS Put your scraps to the curb and I will come by and pick them up!

    • You are absolutely right – I don’t expect anything placed on the curb will stay there long. I have some great curb finds that I use so might as well return the favor for someone else. Now the scraps – they need to be tidied and sorted but I’m not so sure those will end up on the curb – sorry. 🙂 There’s a group of “church ladies” that love getting bags of scraps from me.

      • Yes the church ladies may get them – or not – just depends on how much I decide to get rid of after sorting because it seems to me there’s another bag of scraps I have stashed somewhere in the closet – if I can find it.

    • One quilter’s trash is another’s treasure – I don’t expect the big item pick up truck will ever see it – it will likely be gone minutes after I set it on the curb to a new home. I wouldn’t characterize it as a “beautiful shelving unit” but it’s serviceable for someone.

  4. Good job! My workshop always needs a good tidying up!! I agree with Katie. Maybe there is a thrift store which could sell it or even one of your followers who lives nearby who might put it to good use!

  5. Looks like a nice shelf, maybe someone could use it, instead of trashing it?
    Always fun exploring past goodies and thinking of new ways to use them. Have fun…

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