Points of View – A bit of cutting


After this project getting pushed back several times, the Points of View QAL block instructions are now finally available.  I changed the button image to this so you would notice it no longer says “coming soon” but “now available” instead 🙂  There is information for three sizes in the quilt instructions, and some images of what it would look like in two additional sizes on the project page where you will find the link to the download.


Actually I also changed the image because I had added a new CD of all batik fabrics to EQ and wanted to play with their color a bit.  I do so love batiks and there are some lovely ones.

So click the button in the sidebar, get the PDF download and go do some stash diving if you want to join me in quilting along on this project.

I did a bit of stitching on some of the pieces I had previously cut out in between writing up instructions yesterday.

So I stitched up the sections for my chain blocks that were cut. and now have a bunch of them done.


I’m trying to decide how big I’ll make this one – which is dependent on how many  different block combinations I can get with the fat quarter bundle I’m using.


There are a good number of fat quarters but many of them read really similar and I’m hoping to use three shades of the same color in each block – maybe – but I may change that plan.

In any event, I need to go press the folds out of those fat quarters (they are being stubborn) and then see which fabrics I want to match up and get a couple more blocks cut.  I’ve got the background pieces cut for several blocks so just need some “pretty” fabrics to go with it.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this pattern. It looks like fun. I really like the completed blue block you included in the post. Can’t wait to see the rest of this.

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