On the Needles – Friday 9/30/16

The end of September already – and it definitely feels like a fall day. Cooler temps (which I love) but dark and overcast.  At least it hasn’t started raining today….. yet.  But an overcast day was what I needed to finally get a decent photo of this shawl which I finished last weekend.20160930_5

It’s Summer Camp by Laura Aylor – the second one I’ve made.  Great for using variegated yarn in and one of those patterns that you can knit until you use up nearly all your yarn.  20160930_4Great tv knitting project.20160930_3

The two yarns in this were purchased in 2012 and 2013 so time I finally brought them out into the light of day.

I just have a couple rows left on the Red TGV shawlette I showed last week before I need to cast off so hopefully will finish that one off as well this weekend.  The red cowl I showed last post  has been gifted to a friend as a birthday present.

I cast on another simple cowl (they make great gifts so good to have a few in reserve) with some new yarn from TLE – Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Crackpaca” – it’s a merino, alpaca and silk blend and called “Crackpaca” because it’s “crack” for knitters — it feels so incredibly soft and I think will make a great feeling cowl.  Although I want to start over on a slightly larger needle for this yarn.


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    • It is so lovely and soft – you will like it! Just posted an updated photo of my cowl so far. Nothing fancy – just a version of a linen stitch – but it feels so nice. After starting this one I needed to order a couple more hanks (and there was a credit to cover them that was burning a hole in my Loopy account.) 🙂 What color did you get?

    • Absolutely I wear them – and some are gifts. The shawls like this green one I don’t really consider a shawl. It’s more a scarf that gets wrapped around the neck and top of the shoulders. And since I live in Wisconsin, there is a very long season for wearing knitted items. I’ve always liked scarfs of all kinds and have a large collection of silk type ones that I wear for a pop of color during warmer weather and in the winter time it’s knit ones to add some color.

  1. when do you sleep. I have never seen such a productive talent. Bought a couple of your quilt patterns and working on the BOM. So appreciate your sharing your talent

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