Electric Quilt Kaleidoscopes

EQ has a flash sale today on their Kaleidoscope software and I decided to get it to add to my software.  Now I generally don’t like paper piecing blocks, but I love intricate kaleidoscope blocks and for me those need to be paper pieced.    As with all EQ products, I think I’m going to have great fun with this software.   I’ve got the day off – and I had hoped to get lots done around here – but I’ve been playing with this and that instead.  I need to turn off the computer now and go accomplish a couple chores but after the five minutes or so it took to download the program, I popped just a couple blocks into a layout just to see how they looked side by side and if any secondary patterns emerged.

Here’s a couple images I was playing with.





The last one reminds me of a Christmas Cactus plant.  Yes I think I’m going to have some fun with this program and drawing some of my own kaleidoscope blocks.



3 comments on “Electric Quilt Kaleidoscopes

  1. I love paper piecing and I think they all would be fun to try but I especially love the green and purple. Have fun playing!!

  2. That purple and green pattern is very interesting. Looks like it would be fun one to make. Okay maybe I would like to make them all if only I liked paper piecing.

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