On All The Needles…..

Well I really won’t show you what’s on all the needles — I’m not digging out all those projects — but my starting and working on various projects took another step towards insanity this week.   🙂  First off – spoilers at the bottom of this post of Camp Loopy Rewards so if you are going to receive them and want them to be a surprise – don’t read this blog post. 🙂

On my Sept 11 blog post I showed a lovely hank of Sanguine Gryffon Traveller yarn which has been in the stash for a long time – wish I had used some of this yarn earlier since it knits up so lovely but is no longer made because I would definitely have added more of it to the stash …. okay probably best I didn’t know. 🙂

20160917_18Well here is that yarn all knit up into Let’s Twist.  You have to look at the finished projects on Ravelry to see the great texture this stitch has – red is so hard to photograph and I could not get a close up this morning to turn out.  I knit this in two days and the stitch sequence for each row is easily memorized so although it’s not total “mindless garter stitch tv knitting”  it is still pretty darn easy and kept me wanting to do just one more row.  The actual stitch pattern is called Wickerwork but if you turn it upside down you see little Eifel Towers.  I keep looking at that cowl and thinking I’d love a sweater in that stitch pattern.  I may have to do some swatching with a different yarn and see if it will work.  In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I love this design and highly recommend it – no cables – just some twisted stitches.  And it turned out a perfect length.  I don’t like cowls that fit too closely around my neck (okay they would be warmer that way but it bugs me) nor do I want them hanging down too far and getting in the way – I didn’t cast on the number of stitches in the pattern, nor did I use the suggested needle size (since I knit a bit loosely) but it turned out perfect.  Okay – enough about this cowl…. moving on…

In last week’s On the Needles – I showed the yarn I wanted to use for the DaVinci Cowl to get the colors to stack into columns.  Here’s how that is looking — after two false starts (due to operator error) I found the “code” for this yarn and my gauge and am getting them to stack.  With all the short color runs in this yarn it looks different from the types of yarns the original cowl pattern is shown in but I can’t wait to see how it really looks all finished.  It’s a very easy knit after you “crack the code” for a specific yarn to get the stacking right.

20160917_25It reminds me of scribbling back and forth with a crayon.

After I finished the red cowl above for the Stitchnerd’s Ravelry Group “It’s All About the Red” KAL, I decided I’d start another red project since the KAL runs for a while.  I knew I had a ball of Zauberball that was very long color changing yarn all in different shades of red.  And I actually knew which plastic storage container it was in so that’s half the battle.

So Thursday night after casting off my cowl, I cast on a new TGV.  I had made one in the past but gave it away.  This is definitely a super simple project and is my current bus riding project.  Here’s the progress on that.

20160917_1 When you get half-way through your ball of yarn you start the ruffle (and increase a whole lot of stitches) and I’m nearly to that point.

Then as I was knitting on this project I spied my Stained Glass Cowl — still pinned to the blocker board where I had pinned it last week to take a progress photo.  That project had not gotten any love this week so I grabbed that last night and got a couple more rows added to it – I like the zig-zag section starting to appear at the top.



Now as to those Camp Loopy Rewards — they arrived this week.    If you successfully finished all your projects you get a reward after your camp projects have been approved.

This year the Camp reward was a hank of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.  There were three different colorways dyed exclusively to TLE for this to choose from and since I’m currently into speckled yarn, I chose Color in the Clouds.

20160917_4Not sure what this will become but it reminds me of the Angel Food confetti cake I always requested as my birthday cake for Mom to make. 🙂


The fabric camp reward is a yard of fabric printed with this years pirate logo and a pencil with a bow tie quilt printed on it (don’t tell anyone that I have a fettish for pens and pencils printed with quilty things).




I haven’t measured the fabric logos but I think they must be about 10″ or so and I think some fussy cutting of them and combining them with the fabric rewards for the past two years of fabric camp (safari themed and the other is printed with Loopy – TLE mascot) to make a lap quilt to keep me warm when sitting and knitting the winter away is a good plan.  But that’s a plan for another day.


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  1. I always enjoy your posts and they inspire me no end. Look forward to each weekend to see what you have been doing

    • Thanks – I love that red and need to try getting a better photo in some different light. It’s very bright red but it has flashes of even brighter red in it so it seems have a bit of a glowing look to it. I was going to gift that one but I may need to make another in a different color to give away.

  2. The stitch pattern on the Lets Twist Cowl reminds me a little bit of the stitch used in Cookie A’s Monkey Socks, a bit smaller repeat, but the purl rows seperated by some moving stitches. I may be way off, but it had a familiar look to me and I had to go looking through patterns I had used and this seemed kind of like it.

    • Yes they both do have some purl stitches with moving stitches around them so in that respect I guess they are similar. The cowl pattern has much more stitch definition, because of all the stitches twisted together, that the sock pattern doesn’t have. (Don’t think I’d want to wear socks made with the cowl pattern stitches – heavily textured socks buy my feet). 🙂

      • Denise, I rarely carry the pattern past the ankle, by the time I am at that point i am ready to put this baby to bed, don’t want to deal with more than my usual sock formula and knock out the foot portion as quick as I can. There is much more definition on the cowl but wasn’t sure what made that so.

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