On the Needles – 9-10-16

Goodness – September 10th already.  I’m not sure where August went but it went quickly for me.   But this morning, when I could finally open the door and open a window (even tho it’s raining AGAIN!) we have gone from very warm and extremely humid, to a currently 63 degrees and supposed to stay in the 70s all week.  My perfect weather – 60’s to 70’s – I’d like another three months of that please…. tho we know that won’t happen.

Here’s where I am so far on the Stained Glass Cowl.20160910_2

Finally – the third try was the charm — I’m happy with the number of repeats and finally am a few rows beyond the spot where I kept ripping out and restarting.    I’m trying to do a couple rows each night and then I switch back to my sweater where I don’t have to pay much attention.

Here’s how far I am on Staring at Stars.  I spread the bottom of it out on two long needles so I could try it on. 20160910_5  Note to self – if you slid half the stitches onto a smaller needle size, the needle can slide out of said stitches as you are trying it on.  I’m a few rows beyond the spot in the pattern where you switch to the pattern stitch for the wide bottom band of the sweater.  I think I still need to make it longer but will I have enough yarn if I do that?  I recently added a new ball of yarn so I’m waiting to see how far I get with that ball to figure out how many rows I can get from each one.  If I don’t have enough of this color, I do have leftovers of the same yarn iin a different color that I could use to make sort of a color block look – but I would want to spread the second color around a bit – use it for the bottom patterned section – add a couple stripes of it before the sleeve cuffs and then use it for cuffs and neck/front bands.  So far whenever I thought I’d run out of yarn, I never had but I don’t want to get “nearly” done and run short.  I also need to see if I can find this color – it was discontinued on one website but maybe I can find more … just in case.

Speaking of more yarn….. 🙂


I had to have this – I jut love the color splotches among the white – and it will also be for my September TLE Mixer project where you have to use yarn with your school colors in  it.  My current plan for this is to see if I can get it to pool the way I want and will be making the DaVinci Cowl.  I love this designers stacked/pooling designs so just may have to work my way through all of them.

Time to get out of my jammies because that breeze wafting in the window is a bit chilly – I love it – nothing better than jeans and sweatshirt weather.   Although I really don’t need to start a new project today (or for the next two months or more), it’s a dreary day, and I’ve nearly finished my “bus ride knitting project” (with two days stuck in traffic on the way home and extra knitting time sitting on the bus) so I think the DaVinci Cowl will be my next bus ride project so I really should cast on and figure out the “code” for the repeat in my yarn.   Now doesn’t this sound like the perfect dreary, rainy, cool Saturday project – while popping in the DVD and rewatching the DaVinci Code movie no less.   Bring on the popcorn!