A bit of EQ time

I walked into the sewing room an hour – well probably 2 hrs ago – to see if I could find any leftovers for my quilt I quilted last weekend to make the binding our of and get that sewn on.  But turned on the computer instead and opened Electric Quilt and…..so far no binding made but I had a couple ideas for new quilt designs to play with some more.

I’m not sure where I’m going with these – if any where – but it’s an idea I’ve been playing with.   I started out diamond1.JPGwith this drawing and then thought what if I put more of this overall design next to each other and ended up with this.     beaded

A single  vertical section of this larger one would make an interesting table runner I think.

One comment on “A bit of EQ time

  1. I think the second one would be great as a table runner. I don’t think that I would tackle either as a full sized quilt, though they are neat looking!

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