What’s a gal to do when stuck in traffic?

Knit, and knit and knit of course.  My usual 35-40 minute bus ride home tonight doubled to about twice that long due to an accident that had traffic at a stand still.  But slowly we proceeded at a snail’s pace which meant I got in over an hour of quality knitting time.  One of the ladies sitting next to me was commenting that I was probably glad I had my knitting along – she had forgotten her book to read.  I pulled out the book I had just finished from my bag, who happened to be an author she liked, so passed that on to her so she was happy too.

Here’s my Summer Camp progress to date


I just started on a green stripe and when that’s done I have to count them up – and see how much yarn of each color I have left.  I’m not sure if I can add one more set of stripes or if I need to add the scalloped edging after this one.

Last night I knit a few more rows on my Stained Glass Cowl — I try to do just a couple each night  — and then switched over to my Staring at Stars sweater.  I’m finally nearly back to the point on that sweater that I was before I ripped back due to doing some increases wrong.  So progress on many fronts (and backs, and scarfs and cowls) 🙂