On The Design Wall and..

It’s finally a completed top!  My Barn Dance quilt got the last couple missing blocks made yesterday (missing because I think I didn’t originally make the right number of a certain size and not that they disappeared somewhere in my sewing room.  Got the sections of the last third of the top joined and here it is.


It’s too big for the design wall so here it is tossed over the couch.  I just need to order a larger batting for it and check to see what I have in the stash of wide backings pieces. 

I also did a bit of work on my TLE Mixer project for February  (no, I have not necessarily been completing them in order – or keeping up with them especially since I was doing Camp Loopy but plan to rectify that) :-).   The February requirement was to Pick the yarn or pattern or fabric that has spent the shortest amount of time on your “must make/use this someday” list. The project is made from some fabrics I had just recently ordered at the time using a free pattern from Craftsy.


I’ve had this portion hanging on a rod in my sewing room waiting to be finished.  This is only about half the size of the full project but, as I was looking at it one day, I realized it was the perfect size (about 60″ x 36″) right now to hang in that exact spot in my sewing room so I decided not to make it into a lap quilt.   I have been busy replacing a couple of the pieces along the top row.  The light blue pieces along the top were originally the colors of the building bottoms that are connected in the next row above but I took out those sections and replaced them with “blue sky.”  So this one is ready to be layered and quilted now – once I decide how I want to quilt it.

Loopy Academy is back in session but I’ve decided to sit that out.  I have other projects on my “want to make list” and I enjoy doing the Mixer projects (and believe it or not am not insane enough to do Loopy Academy Yarn and Loopy Academy Fabric and Mixer projects all at once).

So now that Camp Loopy is over, I’ll be redoubling my efforts to catch up on my Mixer projects.  I’m trying to do all the Fabric Mixer projects and have done some of the knitting ones as well if they worked into my plans of things I wanted to make but probably won’t do all the knitting ones – just the ones that work for the projects I already plan to make.

But quilting Mixers – here’s where I’m at:



January Mixer – use fabric line or pattern, etc. that starts with the letter “P” for Pluto.    This is Front Porch Press fabric line in just a scrappy setting made from a layer cake and a bit of yardage.  It needs to be quilted and may just get layered and started on later today.

February Mixer – that’s the houses above that need quilting too.

March Mixer – something that starts with “M” (color, collection, or pattern, etc.).   I haven’t made up my mind on this one yet but have some possibilities.


Bjorn Bear

April Mixer – Something by favorite designer.  I made Elizabeth Hartmann’s Bjorn Bear from her Craftsy class.  He’s completed!

May Mixer — something from Batik fabrics – I just need to settle on a plan and get started.

June Mixer – something from a pattern you recently put on your ‘must make’ list.

I did another Elizabeth Hartmann design – Dwight Deer from the same Craftsy class as Bjorn Bear.   Dwight is also completed.


Bjorn Bear

July Mixer – something with wool or flannel.  I have my wool, I have a plan and it should be a quick and easy project I get completed today – I hope.

August Mixer – Olympic themed or something in the colors of Rio.  Got my fabrics – need a plan. 🙂

and lastly (so far) September – something in your school colors.  Haven’t come up with a plan for this one yet so need to mull it over a bit.

Whew – Okay I need to get off the computer and get busy sewing.



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  1. I love reading your posts and seeing your quilts. I’m fairly new to quilting and wondered if you could comment on how you sandwich/sew/handle quilting such big quilts. I’ve only tried spray glue on throws or smaller things thus far. I’m also curious if you have a favorite free motion quilting instructor’s name/website/class for someone who has only used a walking foot/stitched in the ditch so far. I appreciate any tips you have if I’m not asking for too many questions or taking too much of your time. Kathy Lamb

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