Third Times a Charm

Okay I said I wasn’t going to start over on the Stained Glass Cowl a third time because of that row I missed, and I’m not starting over because of that –  but I am starting over for the third time.

I clearly wasn’t thinking as I looked at this pattern and although I read all the information it didn’t sink in that it says it’s finished size is “approximately 78″ around.”  And I also didn’t realize until after I was working on mine that the photos of the cowl on the designers pages are of the cowl hanging double-looped.   Not any issue of the pattern, just an issue of my not paying careful enough attention and thinking it through.

Judy and I have be emailing about this this afternoon and we both arrived at the same conclusion — our cowls, as work as a single loop rather than doubled, are going to be exceedingly long. 🙂   Especially so for Judy since I might happen to be an inch…..or two inches…. or twelve inches…. or …. let’s just say I’m a bit taller than she is. 😉

Many people like double looped cowls but I don’t like to wear them myself.  I don’t like the bulky feel it makes around my neck like it’s weighing it down or something (especially if I’m wearing it over a winter coat which brings a certain amount of necessary bulk on it’s own around the collar.  So 1) I want to wear it as a single loop and 2)  I don’t want that loop hanging down past my waist or lower — which it definitely would in it’s originally written form.

For my second cast on – I left out three  repeats thinking that looked like a lot of stitches — well it is 72 stitches but I still really didn’t do the math.  Although I left out those three repeats, my gauge is looser on the second try than my first so it didn’t loose as much length as I thought it would.


Now for my totally unscientific reasoning:   Here’s my two loops laid out on the floor for general reference (and just for a general reference, the tile measures 11.5″ square not including grouted area).  If I measure the longer loop at the top by just picking it up and holding the top of the loop over my finger as it hangs and lining the tape measure up letting it dangle down to the bottom of the loop – not stretching the loop or putting any tension on it, the larger loop is about 36″ long or 72″ around the loop.  The smaller one if I measure the same way is 34″ long or 68″ around.

Adding to the unscientific nature of these measurements — my gauge in the top loop is much tighter than the gauge in the bottom loop so just going by gauge alone based on those samples is a crap shoot.   I had a death grip on those yarns and needles my first attempt  and then loosed up on the second.  I don’t know why I seem to knit colorwork so much more tightly than my normal knitting but I have to make a conscious effort not to do so.

So the long and the short of it (no pun intended) is this.  I doubled the longer loop and put it on.  This doubled size is just about where I want it to hang for a single loop.  So half the stitches (12 pattern repeats), plus I think I need to make it larger to take into account the finished width of the cowl (which will make it hang differently than my skinny  little loop currently hangs) so  I plan to add four additional repeats for a total of 16 repeats.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it and this is the final cast on — whatever size it ends up, death grip gauge or looser gauge, it will stay however it ends up with 16 repeats!