Stained Glass Cowl KAL

Are you joining Judy and me in the Stained Glass Cowl KAL that starts today?  It’s not too late to join in.

I cast on mine a couple nights ago and have probably about 15 rows done.  But – the reason I know it’s not too late to cast on (other than we had planned today as the start date) is because I’m probably going to start over on mine tonight. 🙂   I’m not loving my yarn choice.

I love all the colors in this yarn.


But I’m just not loving how it’s knitting up in the cowl. I love the sort of “blendy-ness” of the colors the designer used in hers.  Shades of blue and green that over all look “cohesive” for lack of a better word.

Mine looks too “splotchy” to me.  I think because there are so many different colors in it it breaks it up too much. Also there’s a section of really dark purplish blue that disappears into my background entirely so in spots it looks like I missed doing the colorwork.

Here’s what I mean

The photos above are of sections that are about 5″ long or so.  There’s sections that are mostly orange, and sections mostly blue, and sections with all the colors but in five inch increments around the cowl, I’m not loving that look.

So a new plan was hatched as I was riding the bus home.  I also really like the projects in Ravelry that used just two solid colors.  So I’ve added a third yarn into my mix.


Stellar Polaris – the blue in front – matches the blue in the multicolor.  So I’m going to do the outside colorwork in   that blue and my dark – which is a blueish black – and then when I get to the “inside” of the cowl with sort of the argyle-ish looking pattern, I’ll use the multicolored yarn with the dark there.  I think the design pattern on the inside of the cowl will work better with the multicolored yarn.

I also want to see exactly how long my original look is when I take it off the needles.  I don’t really like double looping cowls around my neck and I want to make sure it’s not too long to wear as a single loop – since I’m tall – maybe not – but I may take out a couple repeats when I redo it to get a better length for me.

So off to rip out my work I go.  Am I looking forward to casting on all those stitches again – not necessarily but it’s just yarn and I love to knit so I’d much rather start over than work on something like this and not love my finished project.

On the plus side – my new order of stitch markers came today so I can get rid of the dangly ones I was currently using. I already knit one of those little buggers right into my cowl and had to cut it out  — so now I can use all the same type of little rings without dangles and not hanging on thin black cords that blend in with my yarn.

So after I make myself a sandwich (where’s the maid when you need one), get in some comfy clothes and settle onto the couch for a night of knitting – I’ll get restarted on this project.