A whole box of Craftsy-ness

Yarn and fabric goodness arrived yesterday from the Black Friday Craftsy sale I stumbled across last weekend.

20160828_2This is the Geranium colored Cascade Cherub DK.   It’s not rust, it’s not  red more of a dark Salmon I guess I’d call it – anyway I love the color.  I wasn’t sure about this yarn when I ordered it since it’s an acrylic/nylon blend – no wool – so didn’t know if I’d like the feel of it for the sweater I wanted it for (and had a back up plan for a baby blanket since it’s totally low maintenance yarn –  machine wash and  dry).  I haven’t knit a swatch yet to see how it feels knit up and machine washed and dried, but in the hank it feels very lovely and silky so unless that changes when my swatch is blocked, I think it will be totally sweater worthy and having a sweater I can toss in the washer and dryer rather than hand wash and air dry – bonus!

20160828_7Cascade 220 Sport in Doeskin Heather – this one is definitely hand wash and air dry but I think it will be perfect for the Oak Knoll vest I want to make.  I like the “heather” Cascade yarns – although it doesn’t show up in my photo they have a subtle sort of lighter and darker strand that gives it just a bit more oomph than a flat solid color.

I need to go count up how many hanks of yarn I ended up with because it was a good sale and I got lots.  🙂  Every since TLE added the option to their web site to add yarn purchased to the “stash” feature in Ravelry with just the click of a button,  I’ve been pretty good about adding in any yarn purchased elsewhere to keep the Rav stash current.  It does not contain all the yarn purchased prior to TLE adding that feature but it’s a start and I like that when I look at a pattern in Ravelry, it will give me a list of possible yarns already in my stash that will work (and I can see how much of a particular yarn I have “in stock.”) 🙂

The final thing I ordered from the sale was a quilt kit.  I don’t plan to do the pattern as written for the kit — I wanted the fabrics to add to a project I’m already working on.

DSCN4063Remember these blocks – maybe not since I started them in January of last year and they got put aside for some BOM projects.  But I’m ready to get working on them again — this quilt wasn’t planned for anyone in particular so at least I’m not “late” getting it somewhere.

But included in the Craftsy kit was part of a panel with the front covers of the Dr.Seuss books printed on it.  I needed those!


I can remember reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish, Are you My Mother?, and Green Eggs and Ham more times than I can count to my younger sister.

How I just need to figure out how to mix these pieces with the block above — or maybe I will just make two quilts instead.  But the kit held some additional fabrics I can mix in as well.



So I’m going to have to do some measuring and planning with EQ to see what I can come up with.

I had hoped to have my last Camp Loopy quilt all bound this a.m. to show you but alas, I fell asleep way too early last night and didn’t accomplished as much as I hoped.  But, after making some brunch and another cup of coffee, that’s top of my list to finish today since Camp officially concludes the end of this month and I need to get my photo uploaded to get credit for completion.






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