A plan for Dr. Seuss fabrics

After playing with the Back to Basics design, I realized if I make a few changes to it – making it a rectangular quilt rather than the original square design – I should be able to  use that panel of Dr.Seuss book covers I previously showed, dropping them into the same design where the background squares are.


So first I changed the block size to make them rectangles in EQ.

Then with a little help from the Snipping Tool I was able to save snips of the images of the book covers into my EQ program to see what they would look like.

I still need to do some tweaking and remeasuring to make sure the book covers will fit properly – I have to see if they are all printed evenly – fussy cutting from panels can be tricky some times.   I also didn’t bother to intricately resize the images so some are a bit cut off in the next quilt image but I was only using it for looking at the big picture to see if I liked the idea.  I do – so I think I will end up with two Dr. Seuss quilts (completing my first one as originally planned) rather than using the fabrics together in one quilt.



7 comments on “A plan for Dr. Seuss fabrics

  1. Thank you for helping me figure out what to do with a book of numbers. If numbers 1 through 9 are on the front, 10 could be part of the backing. Thank you for sharing.

    • That turned out cute. Mine is slightly different because I “stretched” the giant block design so for instance my 9 patches are not made up of “square” shapes but “rectangles” and the strips for horizontal versus vertical rail fence sections are different sizes.

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