Stained Glass Cowl preparations

Be sure to check out the link up and share the yarn you’ll be using for your Stained Glass Cowl – you can find the link on Judy’s blog post here , where she is still undecided as to what yarn she will use. ūüôā

***IMPORTANT*** The “Chart Key” for the color work charts is REVERSED.¬†I thought it looked wrong and checked the¬†comments on Ravelry.¬†¬†The designer¬†¬†did say a revision was going to be released but apparently that hasn’t happened yet.¬† So¬†on the chart key the “black” square symbol is your background color (black¬†or whatever solid looking color) and the “blank” square is your “pretty” color.

I will be using these.  Both are Wollmeise Pure . The dark bluey/almost black  (my background) is Admiral.20160811_5

My foreground is Sultan.¬†¬† Last night I was bored with my sweater and I thought I’d try the provisional cast on just to see if I could do it without twisting.¬† The needles I found that were the correct size were only 24″ long.¬†¬† There’s a reason the designer suggested a longer needle size. LOL¬† ¬†I did get all the stitches on a 24″needle but they would have been packed on too tightly to really want to knit the whole cowl on.¬†¬†¬† I thought I had ordered needles long ago but all the newest ones I had gotten were still in my basket and no size 3 mm.¬† So I ordered two new needles so I’ll be all ready.¬†¬†¬†¬† I also ordered….stitchmarkers.jpg

….well may times I don’t bother with stitch markers and “live dangerously” but not this time.¬† With as many stitches on the needles as there will be I will be using stitch markers to mark each pattern repeat.¬† I’d much rather realize I had run amok within one repeat rather than when I get to the end of around and my pattern is off.

I had gathered up all my stitch markers when I did my test run of the provisional cast on¬† and had about four different kinds I used in order to get enough of them.¬† However, over time I have decided that I like a particular kind of stitch marker.¬† I don’t really like the dangly down ones (although I bought many lovely glass ones before I realized that).¬† Those particular ones are on a very thin plasticy kind of thread and it’s too easy for me to knit them right in to my work without realizing I’ve just gone past a marker.¬† But TLE just got in the Knitifacts Ringlets I love so I’ve stocked up on those as well.

Oh, and this morning while I was cleaning out a drawer, I found the wrapper for a pair of 3mm¬† 32″ needles — I knew I had bought some!¬† Oh well – I need at least two sets so I’ll put the ones I ordered to good use.

As for my first provisional cast on — there are links at the end of the pattern to two different kinds and I have used both in the past and I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.¬† My general cast on for pretty much everything¬†I don’t use a tubular cast on for is a long tail cast on.¬† I hadn’t done a crocheted one in a while so that was the one I tested the shorter needles with – and it was fine.¬†¬† But I know from past experience that I can do the long-tail provisional cast on more quickly and easily and its easier for me to tell if it’s twisted or not before joining.¬† Again – just my personal preference.¬† Using a longer needle also helps when you are joining in the round – you can spread out your stitches more and see if they are twisted or not – when I had them scrunched up on that small needle it was impossible to tell.

I am looking forward to starting this project and using my favorite way to do stranded knitting without floats across the back.¬†¬† I learned watching this video on The Philosopher’s Wool website.¬† I’ve posted¬†the¬†link¬†before but it totally changed my dislike of color work to loving to do it.¬† And being able to knit it with one color in each hand keeps things from getting tangled.¬†¬† I used this method to make this cowl.

cowl_mediumI have to laugh when I rewatched the video and she’s showing right-handed knitters how their left finger might not want to cooperate at first.¬† Mine was definitely like that but just a little concentrated practice and I corrected that.

Okay – enough rambling about this project for today – I have a quilt binding I have to finish on my last Camp Loopy project before I run out of time.¬† The end of the month, and end of this year’s Camp Loopy, is fast approaching.