On the Needles – August 26, 2016

I’ve been working on several projects this week.  I’m knitting on my Staring at Stars but had a set back.  As I was sliding stitches along my needles I didn’t notice that I was sliding some yarn overs to the wrong side of a stitch marker.  In the end it meant the neat little double set of eyelet rows that goes down the side area of the sweater were sort of zig zaging back and forth rather than making a nice line.  It bugged me.


Nearly that whole ball of yarn – okay maybe only more than half that ball of yarn –  in the photo was already knit so a few inches backwards but I’ve fixed my problem and am moving along again.  This was getting a bit large to tote with me for bus knitting so I’ve also been adding a few more sections to my second Summer Camp.


There will definitely be an influx of yarn in the next few days.  The sale yarn I order from Craftsy should be arriving and I ordered yarn for Counter Current, Laura Aylor’s Summer’s End Mystery KAL shawl.  It’s another shawl designed for a gradient set, and I so enjoyed making last year’s gradient MKAL.  Don’t know that I’ll get started on it September 1 — I ended up ordering more yarn than the pattern called for to get the correct yardage for each color since I was ordering gradient sets from a place other than where specific sets were on sale for the pattern, so I may wait until after it is revealed to decide if it’s something I can make a bit larger and use more of my yarn.

marinatedyarns_smooth_sailing_gradient_mediumThese are from Marinated Yarns – someone I haven’t purchased from before but that has lovely colors I’ve admired, so decided to give this set a try – it’s called Smooth Sailing.

Speaking of September 1 – don’t forget Judy and I are starting the Stained Glass Cowl KAL that day.  Click the image of the cowl in the sidebar and it will take you to a page where I have links to the past blog posts on Judy’s blog and mine where we talk about this KAL.

Judy will be posting a link up button on her blog tomorrow so all those participating can share photos of the yarn they will be using.  That way we’ll also know who is going to be knitting along with us on this project.  You can check out her post about the KAL from today here.

Hmmm… who picked a September 1 start date anyway??  That’s a Thursday … I’ll be at work and Judy can tell her hubby to eat out for lunch while she happily knits away — no fair!  🙂  Okay – I can’t blame her for picking the date and really I’m just kidding — this is a low key, no rush, knit at your own pace KAL.  It’s just always fun when people KAL on the same project and you see all the different results with all the different yarns and colors people use so I hope you’ll join us.