My Nemesis – Windows 10

Windows 10 is messing with me again.  When I got the initial update a year or so ago, it didn’t go as smoothly as for others.  It refused to recognize my original login as being an administrator and totally messed up my EQ program.  The good people at Electric Quilt got me back in business.

Sooo….. when the most recent major update downloaded over the weekend – yep once it finished which took ages (or much longer than I was wanting at least) – once again my EQ wouldn’t open but at least this time I knew what to do to fix it – deactivate and totally uninstall and reinstall.  That actually goes very quickly and I was keeping my fingers cross.

It worked – so just to celebrate that I was back in business I pulled up an old design to play with.  It’s not finished, but I really like the secondary design that the corners of the block makes – the gold and light blue diamond shapes.

QM - 1

So just a little eye candy for you today.



8 comments on “My Nemesis – Windows 10

  1. I have a Surface 3 with windows and want to put my EQ7 on it, but was afraid of having it go ballistic. So for now, it resides on my old, Vista Windows 7 computer. I may try to load it on windows 10, since I think you can have it on more than one computer/license. Will have to check that.

    I love this eye candy – both the design and the colors.

  2. I just got a new laptop with Windows 10. (I refused to update my Windows 7) My plans are to use the laptop for my quilting programs – EQ included. Hope I don’t have those problems!! LOVE the quilt!!

  3. nice my tech advised me not to go to 10 I am thankful I didn’t. enjoy all your designs and read you each post. you are one busy lady

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