Craftsy Sale

Craftsy is having sale  – which is only good today and tomorrow – for your choice of one class at 50% off.

I opted for another free motion quilting class because there are  always fun tips to pick up.  I really like the format on Craftsy since I can actually seeing someone as they stitch various designs – how they move the fabric, where they are aligning things, etc – the visuals that I can replay really helps me to be able to accomplish them myself.

So this is just a heads up on the sale – you need to go to,   click the tab at the top for the Craftsy “BLOG”, and then scroll down to the fourth blog post (or at least as of my writing this it was the 4th blog post – it may be farther down if they add more) and on the blog post announce the sale you will find a link to click which will bring up  the classes and show you the sales price.  The only way to get the sale is for each person to go to the blog and click that link.

No affiliation – I just like the Craftsy classes. 🙂


3 comments on “Craftsy Sale

  1. Thanks for thinking of us Denise!  I recently found your webpage and just love your work and am quick to open emails from Justquiltin with Denise Russart! I am definitely a fan!  Thanks again for your generosity.Millie

  2. I love, love, love Craftsy! Have been taking classes there for years and also been gifted a number of classes; cooking, quilting, knitting, sewing – so much to learn, always a good sale going on. Their fabric prices are also really good.

    • I did hit Craftsy’s Black Friday sale last Friday and get some yarn for a great price. Looked at the fabric but didn’t see anything I really wanted at the time although I will be going back when they have sales to check out the larger cuts of fabric they have – backing fabric size – because the sales price on those pieces came out to only $5-$6 a yard so total bargain.

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