Yarn and Yarn and Yarn… on the needles

Less than a week ago (okay a week ago tomorrow – so not a whole lot less) in my last blog post I posted my “giant swatch” (a/k/a the sweater front that is going to be too big so it needs to be ripped back) and that I was going to use that yarn for.  Well I haven’t ripped that part out but instead grabbed a different ball of that yarn to start on my Staring at Stars sweater.  I made great progress through the week and am now an inch or two below the sleeve split. 20160820_1I must say that since I’m used to knitting my sweaters in pieces and seaming that it really seems a long slog across those rows of the entire body as one but it certainly makes for very simple knitting so far.

I also have added a few rows to my Surf and Sand Tesserino Cowl.20160820_2

I’m probably about half way completed.

And, since I couldn’t work on my sweater yesterday riding the bus (since I was at the sleeve splitting portion and putting stitches on waste yarn while bumping along on the bus is not a great plan), I pulled out my second Summer Camp and now have another section or two completed.


And then there was an influx of yarn – yep I really needed this.  I fell in love with the colorful Love is Love mini skeins at TLE.  They actually had a scarf kit that included them with some additional “background yarn for the scarf but those sold out quick as a wink.  But I was mostly interested in the mini group so could still get those.  I also got some Mad Tosh and as you can see the speckles in it will go quite well with the bright colored yarns so am working on my plan as to what they want to be.



and….I just happened to be looking at Craftsy last night to see what was new and they are having a “Black Friday Sale.”  All kinds of kits and supplies on sale.  Well I had to look because sometimes the bargains are too good to pass up.  If there’s fabric used in a kit and I really like the fabric but I don’t like the pattern, I sometimes still get it to use the fabric for what I want, not the pattern that comes in the kit.  Many times they will have backing fabric in 7 or 8 yard pieces and the sale price works out to $5.00/yd — that’s a bargain.  I also look for the discounted Aurifil thread sets.   And yarn – well you know I have to see if there is a bargain there.

So….yes I have an order coming from Craftsy.  On my list of “want to make” CF patterns is Oak Knoll vest – I like the relaxed look of it and the rolled front treatment and I want it in a very neutral color similar to that pattern.  Well I found on sale at Craftsy

doeskin heather cascade 220 sport

Cascade 220 Sport (not superwash) in this lovely Doeskin Heather color which I think will be perfect and at 45% off that makes for a really inexpensive project.

Although I love my wooly yarns and wooly blends, there are a couple acrylic yarns and acrylic blends that are very nice to knit with (not the acrylic I used to knit slippers and mittens out of when I was young that squeeked). 🙂  I haven’t tried Cascade Cherub DK but I bought a bunch of that in this lovely geranium color.

cascade cherub dkDepending on what and who I’m knitting for – sometimes I need something that can just be tossed in the washer and dryer rather than hand washing and air drying — especially with baby/kids stuff.  And at $1.65 a ball, it’s definitely worth trying.

I did also get a fabric kit because I specifically wanted the fabric (not the quilt pattern) to go with a project I’m working on but I’ll save that for the next quilty update.

Now to go check out some recipies and see what to do for dinner – I have some Three Cheese Asparagus ravioli – the pasta is spinach and then stuffed with the asparagus/cheese.  So I need to decide if I’m going to put some sort of sauce on it or maybe just  tossed in olive oil and parmesan cheese.  I may need to go start some homemade French bread to go with it! Yum.


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  1. Wow – you are moving right along on Staring at Stars! I’m hoping to join in on the Stained Glass Cowl KAL but need some suggestions as to what kind of yarn everyone is using and where they can be found. Gosh that’s getting close!

    • You may have already seen it – but Aug 21 I did a blog post about potential yarns. My Staring at Stars seems to be really moving slowly now – I’m in the middle of the body section and those rows are long. I’m used to working in sweater pieces and seaming so having all those stitches in one seems so slow. But it’s such simple knitting so I’m enjoying something I don’t have to think about too much.

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