Huge swatch?

Is it a swatch? Or is it part of an A-line sweater I’ve been working on?  Well, it might as well be a swatch because as I’ve been knitting the last 2 or three inches I’ve been thinking – hmmm this looks awfully long and a bit too wide. A-line is one thing but swimming in stockinette is another…


well I wouldn’t exactly be swimming but I’ve decided it definitely has more ease at the bottom than I need.   But, more importantly, the day I did the measurements for this one I must have  got a bit carried away with how long I wanted it too.  I’m not to the armholes yet – have a couple more inches to go – and it’s already longer than I think I will like.  So, I’ll be doing some tweaking to my Customfit measurement set for A-lines since I want A-line, but not swingy extra fabric around the bottom.   So you know what that means – all that lovely knitting will get ripped back.

It all works out okay tho (at least that’s what I’ll be telling myself as I rip all that back) because I decided I wanted the A-line sweater in a lighter weight yarn (fingering – so even more stitches to be knitting in stockinette) and this yarn – Classic Elite Soft Linen (DK) will be used to make Staring at the Stars.


I got the pattern back in June when it was original released and keep going back and forth as to just use the design at the bottom of the sweater on a CF version or make it as is.  Top down raglan sweaters usually don’t work for me but in looking at the various measurements/sizing on this one, it may work out okay and there are some little design elements in the raglan that I like which I wouldn’t be able to duplicate in CF.

I usually have a hard time matching someone else’s gauge (which is why I prefer CustomFit) but I did get gauge on the needle size in the pattern so I’m taking that as a good omen.  It knits up more open than the “giant swatch” (f/k/a a sweater front) above which was done with needles two sizes smaller – but I like the feel of the swatch and it should have a nice drape so time will tell if it will work out.  But, nothing ventured nothing gained and it’s just yarn.




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  1. What a shame to have to pull all of that out! But better now than finish something you won’t care for and never wear. That’s a beautiful color yarn and will make up nicely in Staring at Stars. I had to save that one in my library – would love to make it one day!

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