Where did Saturday go?

It’s just after 6 p.m. and I can’t believe it’s that late in the day already.  I think I may need to call the pizza people to bring me dinner since I clearly didn’t plan ahead.

I did finish today the quilting on my Camp Loopy project 3 quilt.  The binding is attached and clipped in place so I can hand sew that down tonight.  I actually pulled out a second quilt top to layer so I would have it ready to quilt (I’m in a machine quilting mood) but found the perfect fabric for the backing and simply had to order it.

I also figured out what my TLE August Mixer projects will be.  For August, both knitting and sewing projects are to be “Olympic-related” or “use the colors of the Rio countryside.”

When I ordered my backing fabric (mentioned above – which by the way is Crayola printed fabric – white background with crayons all over – for my Coloring Outside the Lines crayon quilt), I also ordered three fabrics that will represent my Rio countryside colors.

I cannot find back the photo which originally made me pick my Rio inspiration colors – it was of the city and a shot with lovely blue sky and water and a whole cluster of buildings with terra cotta colored roofs.   umbrellas - fabricThis photo sort of shows those same colors – tho the umbrellas a more red but it’s just “color inspiration” after all. Here’s the fabrics I ordered.augustmixerfab



I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll make with them – and I want to see the print in person and decide what other colors I want to bring into the project – but this will be my starting place.

For the knitting project – there was a cowl pattern I had started that was perfect and since I started the cowl putting the colors in the reverse order I really wanted them, I ripped it back (okay I cut the yarn since I wasn’t very far into it and just restarted since I didn’t want to untangle it as I ripped back the two colors).  Anyway, when I saw the Tesserino Cowl it reminded me of a photo of  Copa Cabana Beach where Olympic volleyball was taking place. Here’s the photo of the beach – does the rock area this side of the sand remind you of anything – like maybe the cowl design….

cowl -rio inspiration photo

and here’s my restart on this cowl last night.






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