Today’s progress

A bit of knitting, a bit of sewing, a bit of laundry  – but I don’t plan to overdo the cleaning today since it is my last day of vacation. 🙂

First the knitting – hot off the needles is my Camp Loopy 3 project – Endless Road.  I’ve got somewhere between 1,100 and 1,200 yards in it.  Those last rows and bind off did seem endless let me tell you.  My photos don’t do it justice.  It’s overcast outside by weirdly bright and glarey so I need to try to get some better photos on another day.  But here it is

20160812_8It’s a nice big wrap.

20160812_10So all my camp knitting projects are finished.

In the meantime, last night I cast on my second Summer Camp shawl  – for me these are more “scarfs” than shawl size but will be so cozy wrapped around the neck come weather that is not like a sauna outside – not that I’m wishing away the summer weather – just the humidity.

Anyway, here’s how the start of Summer Camp is looking.




The green in the solid is a really good match for one of the greens in the multicolored and I’m really liking how these two yarns are playing together — but then since I love green, how could I not love it.  I had originally intended to put this one away as a gift but I may be rethinking that idea because this one may need to stay with me.


I’ve also been busy this afternoon working on my final Camp Loopy sewing project.

Got the quilt layered and now have all the sashing quilted and a couple of the blocks.

20160812_14I had this great backing fabric in the stash.  It is actually a wider than normal fabric –one of those that appears at the holidays for making table cloths hence the 60″ width.  It is also a much better quality than many of those table cloth width fabrics are so I bought a bunch of it several years ago at the end of the season sale when it was really inexpensive.  It was perfect for backing of this project since it was about 4″ wider than my quilt top so no seaming involved.  Gotta love that when it happens.

Had to stop and wind another bobbin but I was checking out the back and was admiring the stitches — not that they are perfect – I was doing free motion straight lines and they have a bit of a wobble here and here but I’m okay with that.  I didn’t want to turn all those corners using the walking foot – so opted for free motion.  But the actual stitches – my old machine that I quilted on always had tension issues so I was constantly battling either the top thread popping through to the bottom or vice versa.  I’m using a cream colored thread on the backing to match the fabric but most of the stitching in the photo above is done with a dark green thread for the top.  Not a hint of that thread popping thru to the bottom and not a hint of the cream coming thru to the top.  I’ve never had to adjust the tension of this machine since I ordered it in February 2014.  Best purchase I ever made and definitely time to stop starting new projects and concentrate on getting the huge pile of tops waiting to be quilted done.  (okay – maybe not start as many new projects since you know starting none will never happen)

Okay – coffee break over and time to get back to bobbin winding.




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  1. I hate tension issues and have many of them! Bought a Bernina 770 and am pretty happy with it although its cost is frightening! But, I might just be able to tackle that huge stack of quilt tops I’ve made! Your work is always inspiring!

  2. I have the same issues with tension–frustrating! I finally caved and bought a Bernina 770 and am pretty happy with lack of tension issues. My VERY big stack of tops might just get quilted now!!

  3. You have some really pretty shawls to wear this winter. I always like your color choices. I had to laugh when you said you would start fewer projects. I couldn’t completely quit starting new things either. That keeps the creative juices flowing.

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