July Yarn Mixer Finished

This was so fun to make!


The criteria for The Loopy Ewe July Mixer yarn project was to make something with cotton yarn.  Well that left things pretty wide open but since I had a lot of larger projects on the needles, plus Camp Loopy projects to work on, I wanted a smaller project.  Knitted dish clothes are not really my thing but I did a search on Ravelry, narrowed to cotton yarn, to see what it came up with.   One of those things was knitted and crocheted jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Perfect – I love those multistring, multibeaded necklaces and although I don’t crochet much since it tends to bother my wrists, this would not entail long periods of crocheting.  So then the hunt was on for beads and things to add to my necklace.

Lower right image is of the  four tubes of size 6/0 seed beads  from TLE and above that are the stitch markers from TLE I added to the necklace as well (stitch markers on a knitter’s necklace – perfect don’t you think!)   But I knew I also wanted to add larger beads which TLE doesn’t carry so off to Etsy.    (You can see the round stitch markers in the outer strand below.)20160811_2

The rest of the beads pictured above came from Bohemian Findings.  The 2nd image from the left on top – with the shell in the bead supply photo – is cultured sea glass and I didn’t use those in this necklace because they were more blue and everything else in my necklace was more aqua (so those will be used in another necklace).   I do love their cultured sea glass and the rectangular pieces in the lower left were the perfect color to go with my beads.


I looked at several free Ravelry patterns to get an idea of how they were made  – Bead Happy Necklace, Understatement Necklace (I liked the little clusters on this one and used all the same size beads to make my clusters rather than one larger bead and two smaller as in the pattern), and Crocheted Beaded Necklace (I like the way all the strands are gathered together in the back and then wrapped).


So started stringing my beads on for one strand and just winged it as I went.  If you can crochet a chain stitch, you can crochet a beaded necklace.  Even if you’ve never crocheted, it’s easy enough to learn how to chain.  I like the way the larger glass beads add a bit of weight to the strand too.   Started and finished in one night.






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