A basket full of yarn

20160811_1On the agenda for today was cleaning up the sewing room so once my batting arrived from Amazon today, I would have space to layer my Camp Loopy quilt.

Well I did do that but among the mess in that room were some tubs of yarn I had pulled out.  Since I was going to look for some yarn for a project, I decided to gather all the yarn I have stuffed in baskets and bags and places in the living room where it got stowed, and put it in the actual storage tubs and tidy the works in progress since I had knocked over that basket.  Well it’s after 6 p.m. and all yarn carefully stowed where it should be, WIPs are in bags in a basket and things are much more orderly.  The batting has also just arrived so don’t know that I’ll start layering the quilt tonight.

But – I have planned out my next couple of knitting projects (I’m nearly finished with my over 800 yard final Camp Loopy knitting project) and since I was digging through yarn, pulled what I needed and spent a good amount of time getting most of it wound.

First things first – for those joining Judy and I as we do a KAL for Stained Glass Cowl starting September 1, check out Judy’s latest post which shows some of the yarn/colors she’s considering here.  At the bottom of that basket in the photo above are my choices for the yarn I will be using.  Both colors are Wollmeise Pure and the multicolored is called Sultan and the navy is Admiral.  Here’s what it looks like caked versus in the hank.

20160811_5The interesting thing is the Admiral – especially in the hank – shows two distinct shades of navy – one darker than the other.  The flash enhances that because to the naked eye, it looks pretty much one color.  I had to look very closely to see there was more than one shade of blue so it will be interesting to see how that looks knit up.

Now I just need to find where I put the new needle I bought for this and see how many stitch markers I have free to gather for this project.

In the front of the basket photo are these two cakes of yarn.

20160811_11I’m going to make another Summer Camp shawl – it’s such a fun and so easy pattern and I may need to have an extra on hand for last might gift giving – tho green is one of my favorite colors so this one may be mine as well! 🙂  I went  stash diving for these.  The multicolor is Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn and the color is Blooming Gale.  That one came from TLE  4 or 5 years ago – they don’t carry that line anymore.  The green is “sprout” and is  Shalimar Zoe Sock – that’s been around a while too but not sure where it came from.


Also in the top of the basket are several smaller cakes of yarn – which might remind you of watermelon colors. 🙂  The ones in the plastic bags are additional shades to go with the ones I have wound.   I’m going to make Night Market by Laura Aylor and stripe it so it looks like watermelon slices with seeds.

I also have a couple sweaters in the works I keep picking up and putting down in between the other projects.  These projects should all help keep me out of trouble after Camp Loopy ends and I have more waiting in the wings since I bagged up groups of yarn for specific projects once these are finished.