Fling open the windows

This is the first day in two weeks that it hasn’t been like a sauna outside.  It’s still a bit humid but since it’s only 80 degrees it actually doesn’t feel too bad and I was able to turn off the air and open the windows – at least for a while.

I’m knitting along on a sweater and the Summer Camp Shawl but haven’t taken any new photos. I do have a photo of some new yarn tho.   I really like Laura Aylor’s latest shawl, Night Market.  When she first showed a sneak peak of it, after one of her prior shawls has “lightening bugs” across it – this one reminded me of a line of ants carrying off watermelon seeds. I knew I would have to buy some watermelon colored yarn and make it.  I now have the yarn – just need to find some black to go with it – but here is my watermelon


Another project for when Camp Loopy is done.   The start of Camp project 3 is nearly here –wish 8/1 would have fallen on the weekend but it’s not like I don’t have plenty of other things to do.

I did change my mind about my fabric camp project. JuniperBerryChristmasTreeSkirt I was going to make this design as a tree skirt.

But in order to use the required amount of yardage for the challenge, I would have had to make it about 36″ square at least.  I don’t want a tree skirt that large so nixed that plan.

But then I remembered a free pattern on the Hoffman Fabrics website by Wendy Sheppard called  A Floral Perspective.




I think in the Christmas prints I’m using it will look like ribbons on gift boxes.  I’ve been busy earlier today figuring out how to make the most of my fat quarters when I go to cut them.  Will have to wait and see how many blocks I can get.

As I was pressing my fabrics and laying them all out on the table to decide which fabrics would be used where, I noticed the selvages on the fabrics I’m using.


Fabrics normally have dots or squares or some geometric shape along the selvage edge with a dot for each color used in the fabric – comes in useful if you are looking to match fabrics to a specific print.  These fabrics – Moda Juniper Berry – have little berries that look like holly sprigs – here’s a closer look.  So cute!


With the shawl I will be making for Camp Project 3 having to be at least 800 yards, I’m going to be busy knitting and glad that I picked a simple quilting project.  Luckily I have a week’s vacation during that time period so will be able to spend some quality time working on both projects.