Saturday July 23

It’s sort of a “meh” day here.  I can’t get settled on any one thing and keep hoping around to different tasks.  It’s getting some things done –  a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded, hand washed some stuff – but things would be much more productive if I finished one area and moved on to the next.  oh well.

The weather outside is horrid too.  I took the garbage out to the dumpsters and first then when I walked out the door my glasses steamed up so I couldn’t see.  It has been 3-4 days of hot (well Wisconsin’s version of hot – around 90 degrees).  I know many places get hotter but the humidity is the killer.  Right now it’s only 82 degrees but with 85% humidity it makes it feel like 93 degrees (at least according to my weatherman).  It’s like walking out into a sauna – and a very wet sauna since it’s started drizzling.

But, I think I need to go find a sewing or knitting project to work on (or clean the bedroom but you know I feel pretty “meh” about the cleaning.

I was hoping yesterday all those beads I ordered for my Loopy Mixer project (shown in last blog post) would be here so I could work on it this weekend.  No such luck but

peiaccording to the tracking they hit the Madison post office this morning and should be waiting for me at work on Monday.  In the meantime tho, I do have all the small  beads I ordered from TLE and as I want some strings of just those beads spaced out, I can start on that part maybe later tonight.

Since I have finished both my July Camp projects and also finished a Brickless for the Strickmich! Showdown on Ravelry – heck I had no knitting projects with deadlines until August 1 when we can start the last Camp project.  So…. I decided to start on Summer Camp.  It’s for the Summer of the Shawl KAL in Laura Aylor’s Rav group (she’s the pattern designer) and since I’m knitting it in Miss Babs Caroline yarn – colors are Joan of Arc and Ebony – I’m also making it for the Miss Babs Fall 2016 Shawl Along.


I cast it on Wednesday night and this is how far I’ve gotten.


This yarn feels so soft.  It’s a super easy

I’m also trying to figure out that to do with this yarn.20160723_7


This was in the last Camp Club Pirate Pack – it’s Dream in Color Classy (worsted weight) and the color is “Ahoy! Mates”.  It looks like it has gray in it on my computer screen but it’s all shades of purple – I had to take a photo fast (before the camera lens fogged over from the humidity outside) and couldn’t capture  the way it looks to the naked eye.

I’m leaning towards making a hat which will be used as a gift – just haven’t  decided which pattern ( oh yes – I spent a good part of the morning looking at hat patterns too).  I think I’ve decided on Man Needs Hat.  A bit of texture to keep it interesting but still a manly hat.