Although I’m not tracking what is coming in to the stash (thank goodness because I had an attack of yarn craziness this week and ordered yarn for two different Laura Aylor shawls I want to make, plus my Camp Loopy  supplies came in and my next Mixer project supplies are due to arrive Monday).  But I did make some projects in finishing projects in both knitting and quilting.  I’ve updated the finished projects pages for both knitting and sewing in my blog sidebar but here’s what was added:

Knitting – with the finish of my Camp Loopy Project 2 shawl, Upwards, in fingering weight(scroll down two posts on the blog and you can see the photos of it) and Brickless which I just took off the blocking mats this morning for the Strickmich Showdown, I’ve added 1360 yards of yarn knit between those two projects.  That brings my total finished knits to 8,215.  I need to pull out a WIP to work on for bus knitting while anxiously awaiting the start of the next Camp Loopy project OR I could start another project for the Strichmich Showdown OR the Miss Babs Fall Shawl Along OR yes I really should pull out a WIP instead of starting something new. 🙂20160717_5

This is Brickless in Miss Babs Yowza.  The color is Funny Papers.  Brickless is a very long, but not very wide project.  And I knit mine until I was just about to run out of the 560 yard hank of Yowza – Whatta Skein.  Love those large hanks.  One end at the beginning and one end at the end to weave in and done.  This is about 16″ wide at it’s widest tip – it’s asymmetrical – and about 115″ long.  It will be great come winter – the long ends can be wrapped multiple times around for layered warmth on my neck and shoulders but won’t have the bulk that a rectangular scarf of the same length would have due to the shaping of this shawl.

On the quilting front – added 4.75 yards to the stitched up tally this week finishing my Camp Loopy 2 fabric project.  Total fabric sewn into totally finished projects so far 37.75 yards.


Camp Critters – Camp Loopy Project 2

Here’s my finished project.

There’s a strip of the very center leaf fabric down the back to make the backing wide enough.20160717_3


The pattern for Camp Critters is in the free PDF downloads.  Beginner friendly.