Beads beads and more beads

I’m looking forward to trying something a bit different for my Loopy July Mixer yarn project.  We need to make something using cotton yarn.  I searched through many many projects trying to figure out what to make in cotton yarn. There was no yardage requirement so it didn’t need to be a project of a certain size so there were many possibilities.  With working on Camp projects, I didn’t want a real large mixer project but was having a hard time trying to find something I wanted to make.

Then I came across some crocheted beaded necklaces. I haven’t crocheted in a long time because it bothers my wrists but these necklaces – my wrists should be able to handle that.

One of the patterns I was looking at on Ravelry is Crocheted Beaded Necklace. I like the way the strands are held together in the back.  I also like the look of the Bead Happy Necklace  by the same designer with a larger variety of bead types and sizes.  I plan to sort of combine those two looks.

The yarn I’ll be using is  Manos del Uruguay, Serena in Natural.  I was able to order several colors of small beads from TLE (lower right image of image below) and also plan to use some of the blue and gold stitch markers from TLE (upper right) to crochet into the necklace with the beads which I think will make it quite fun.   But, I also wanted larger beads and TLE doesn’t carry those so off to Etsy because you can find anything there. 🙂

beads for july mixer

The rest of the beads and cultured seal glass pieces (sea glass is pictured with the shells in the photos) are all headed my way from Prince Edward Island.   Anxiously awaiting their arrival.

In the meantime I knew I had some other small beads around here previously purchased from TLE or included in some of the rewards level goodies.  I found some of them but I think there may be some more lurking around here.  But there’s a couple different types of gold ones among them which may come in useful.



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  1. Oh can’t wait to see this project. I have also not crocheted in some time..I made a necklace years ago with various beads…wonder what I did with the pattern???

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